7260 – Chex mix

Going out and about with Danny today. I suspect it’ll be Pirates of the Spanish Main (as we did here)

Moskau, or why Germans can’t win a world war. (higher quality mpg)

I’m of German and Russian stock… This movie was made when I was 10 years old, and I think the guy in Blue is Dr. Evil’s lost cousin.

Moment of Lyric:

Drop your silver in my tambourine
Help a poor man fill his pretty dream
Give me pennies I’ll take anything
Now listen while I play
My green tambourine

Balloon wizard
Random doodle drawn on the ride home… it started as a man holding onto balloons and flying, then a vase on a table…but then I got a wizard-y vibe.

Slugbaby snowsuits are scary.

The Jarvis Sow Bung System Model VC -for the cutting out of sow bungs. Man… how did that set of keywords find my site? *shudder* Warning, pretty icky.

Caffeine contents per serving
(12 ounce soda or iced tea, 7 ounce coffee or tea, 2 ounce espresso)

I love the scene in The Incredibles where the generi-guard gets his bell rung by a thrown coconut.

I’ve wanted to see this happen to Rick Sanchez for a long time. (Drunk driver who and left the scene of the crime deserves a tazering)

I'm a lesbian first lady. Woo
Which Famous Homosexual Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Eleanor Roosevelt! Nice to see you.

A Roosevelt yourself, you married your fifth cousin Franklin; despite the obvious incestuous overtones, your six kids were happy and healthy.

When Franklin got elected, you became perhaps the most controversial first lady ever – you spoke out for the rights of women; for the rights of the poor; for world peace. You were even a member of a union while your husband was in office – and when he died, you were the head of the UN Commission on Human Rights.

All of which is pretty kick ass, but to top things off you had a hot and steamy relationship with the lesbian journalist Lorena Hickok, who was so madly in love with you that she halted her career for you. Unfortunately, you couldn’t give up your public life that easily – leaving her heartbroken.


Jesus-scented candles?

A South Dakota couple makes and markets candles they say smell like Jesus.

You can find candles with just about every fragrance imaginable, from blueberry to ocean mist to hot apple pie.

Now there’s a candle that lets you experience the scent of Jesus, and they’ve been selling out by the case.

“We see it as a ministry, ” says Bob Tosterud, who together with his wife came up with the idea for the candle.

Light up the candle called “His Essence” and its makers say you’ll experience the fragrance of Christ.

Bob Tosterud and wife Karen say the formula is all spelled out in Psalm 45.

“It’s a Messianic Psalm referring to when Christ returns and his garments will have the scent of myrrh, aloe and cassia,” says Karen Tosterud.

Wondering what that must smell like, Karen Tosterud ordered those oils, a combination that produces sort of a flowery, cinnamon aroma. Then she called on a friend who just happened to be a candle-maker.

“And in October, we got our first batch of 768 candles. We had no idea how it would go,” Karen Tosterud says.

But once word got out they went through 10,000 candles.

“It’s the only one on the market and everyone tells us it’s very unique and nothing like it,” says Karen Tosterud.

“We wanted people to be able to experience Christ in new ways and to be able to read a bible and have that scent and that candle as a reminder that he is with us all the time.”

“You can’t see him and you can’t touch him,” says Bob Tosterud. “This is a situation where you may be able to sense him by smelling. And it provides a really new dimension to one’s experience with Jesus.”

The candles never stay on the shelves for long. The Tosteruds say each one that goes out is like a ministry in itself.

The candles sell for about $18. They are sold in about 150 stores around the country. Or you can order them online at www.hisessence.com.

You can also call this phone number: 877-psalm-45.

Search Continues in Wendy’s Finger Case

A woman said she bit into a partial finger served in a bowl of chili at a Wendy’s restaurant, leading authorities to a fingerprint database Thursday to determine who lost the digit.

The incident Tuesday night at a San Jose, Calif., Wendy’s restaurant left the unidentified customer ill and distraught, said Joy Alexiou, a spokeswoman for the Santa Clara County Health Department.

Employees at the Wendy’s were checked and the fingertip didn’t come from any of them, officials said, adding that the well-cooked finger may have come from a food processing plant that supplies the company.

Denny Lynch, a spokesman for Wendy’s International Inc., based in Dublin, Ohio, said there have been no reports to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of injuries at any supplier of chili ingredients to Wendy’s.

“All of our chili suppliers report no accidents,” he said.

Health officials said the fingertip was approximately 1 1/2 inches long. They believe it belongs to a woman because of the long, manicured nail.

Investigators seized the remaining chili and closed the restaurant for a few hours.

Alexiou said the woman, who asked officials not to identify her, is at minimal risk of contracting illnesses from the finger because the chili was cooked.

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