7256- pictures, sounds and a couple of words, too.

I’m getting about quite a few hits a day from the readablog feed search engine. I’m wondering what search queries are bringing ’em in?

Banksy installing four pieces in New York’s most prestigious museums – The Brooklyn Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Natural History.

Dressed as a British pensioner, over the last few days Banksy entered each of the galleries and attached one of his own works, complete with author name plaque and explanation.

Yesterday’s audio moment with the mentally ill – Laughing boy. What was my ride from home to the blood center like? Play that 14-second clip on repeat for about 25 minutes. I was bordering on mild lunacy myself by the time I got to my stop.

Little old lady at the central station first thing in the morning.

Nearby church on the walk from Andrews to home.

Devil-tree across the street from the church. That round thing in the branches is a dodge ball that the tree snagged. I wonder if it’s related to Charlie Brown’s Kite-eater? Regarding broken toys… I wonder if there are enough broken toys in the afterworld for all the dead children in the world? I’d like to think that when something is broken here, somebody on “the other side” gets a present. Maybe some little ghost-kid is playing kickball while another is taking his picture with the phantom of my camera.

Who knew there’d be a yuk-fest on board?

Another graffiti-bee/wasp. This one was in marker on top of a trash can.

Weirdo effects from a street light… and then the sun exploded.

Moment of Lyric:

Skin, that covers me from head to toe
except a couple tiny holes and openings
Where, the city’s blowin’ in and out
this is what it’s all about, delightfully

Everything’s possible
when you’re an animal
not inconceivable
How things can change, I know

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42n22, 71w04 = boston

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