7089 – Christmas Day

merry merry!
Mistletoe thoughts for everyone today!

Merry Christmas – (Wesley Willis style!)

I gave him some mage knight figs, holly berry incense, and a gift certificate. We went out to brunch at mangoes, where we had baked brie and soup, (served by another Erica, really on top of things. Earned a good tip, and was a total sweetheart), shot the breeze and walked around a bit.

Dan at Mangos, (erica in back) 122404 Dan at Mangos, (Erica in back) 122404
From now on, wherever we go out, we’re going to ask if Erica’s working.. we’ve had 2 excellent Ericas serve us at Mangos and Ugly tuna.

Today, Danny Remarked – “Pink is the Christmas Black.” Women everywhere were wearing pink outfits.

I don’t know what’s up with the goofy face.

Landmark bldg 122404 Landmark bldg 122404
First skyscraper in Ft. Lauderdale, looking up!

Danny got me Scrapland, Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon, and episodes of Mouse volume 3

After lunch, we went to play Pirates of the Spanish Main at Twistyland. We enjoyed it so much that we picked up another two booster packs.. mostly Spanish and English ships, but there’s a solo pirate in there, too. We played until about 4, and Danny headed out to go to church with his MIL and Mrs..

Since the day started with pirates, I opted to load the Disney Pirates game on first, and fiddle with it a bit. Not a bad little system, very simple, but neat.

Fun gallery of old science fiction pulp covers featuring babes organized by category: Babes with Blasters, Babes in Bondage, Babes of Myth, Alien Babes, Babes with a Grip, Robobabes, Babes in Charge, Experimental Babes, Babes under Glass.

Mel’s coming over for only a brief time this morning.. she has been recruited against her will to ferry family back and forth from Miami to WPB. She’s going to stay up there, and we’ll have a more lengthy time together tomorrow. I’ve got call, otherwise I’d trundle along with her.

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