7087 – Social Security Privatization.

Saving Social Security: Where do your Legislators stand?


The Save Social Security Blog is compiling a state-by-state list of where U.S. senators and representatives stand on privatization of Social Security. Here’s the link to the Florida list. – http://savesocialsecurity.blogspot.com/2004/12/florida.html

Other States are listed on the right side of the blog. Not many confirmations yet, but that will change. Send in a comment if you know where your rep stands.

Also, something amazing and unrelated to report later. Maybe big changes in the world ahead.

Zamboni explodes in Duluth ice rink, starts raging fire Continue reading 7087 – Social Security Privatization.

7085 – Half day office, but on call until 8am tomorrow

No Mel on Christmas Eve, but I get her for Christmas.

Jonna came by yesterday with her littlest. Amazing what seven months will do!

Still no word from GP & Katt… I think that they’re up in Port St Lucie right now.

LD at work went to see Cher in concert this weekend, and complained about the B-52’s… she referred to them as a rap group. In all honesty, I’d rather hear “Rock Lobster” than “If I could Turn back time”

After the poll yesterday, the feedback I got back was quite diverse. A sampling of the first five