7073 – Ok. I can make it through one more day.

Mel came over last night… we ate and lounged and talked about a lot of stuff. She’s got a wicked sense of humor, and can crack me up easily. She’s also altogether too willing to tickle.

She was kind of afraid to tell me that she is a born-again Christian… I can understand that, given my pretty solidly agnostic stance. We discussed it, and I think that there’s a good comfortable middle that can be met. She’s a pretty fascinating study… I’m really glad I met her. Much deep talk about motivations and directions. Many facets there, and I care for her very much. I’m quite confident that those feelings are reciprocated.

Steak comes from the Saxon word steik, meaning “meat on a stick”.


Newt was a bit spazzy last night. Very Energetic.
(this may be a *slight* exaggeration.)