7067 – 2s-D

I wonder how Newt would deal with either a bubble machine or a fog machine in the apartment?

I want blueberry pancakes. I guess an apple and more instant breakfast will have to do. Bah. I desire a field trip to IHoP.

Happy Birthday, tarpo!

Handy vocabulary words –

Cousin-Betty: A deranged woman. Cousin-Tommy is applied to a man in that melancholy situation. (William Carr’s Dialect of Craven, 1828)

Gammerstang: Usually applied to a female of idle, loose habits (C. Clough Robinson’s Dialect of Mid-Yorkshire, 1876)

ADP failed a test of reliability last, to launch a sexual predator call at 7pm. I launched it at 7:30, and she called back.. it’s too bad, if she’d have passed, she might’ve gotten more time back again… but now, it seems that she has lost her chance. I keep pitching out softballs, and she keeps missing ’em.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” in 30 seconds. Re-enacted by bunnies.

Random Moment of Alton Brown – In the old west, cowboys would often throw bull’s eyeballs into their chili.

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