7066 – Ma-ia-hii / Ma-ia-huu / Ma-ia-hoo / Ma-ia-haha

Added the stars to the website / blog background again for Christmas

I have no idea why I like this Romanian pop music, but I do. Lyrics I dare you not to sing at least the “ma-ia-hii” refrain.

I finally got around to watching Oceans 11. Fun little caper flick. Mel & I got sick on Pollo Tropical for lunch… I got a headache, and she got some ickies, too. No Parrot Jungle for us. We hung out while feeling icky-ish, and then called it an early night around 8. It was sort of nice, though we were both sickish. Newt was very sweet to us both… probably out of a understanding sicky vibe. (He can get fairly jealous of Mel at times.) We spent the evening surfing the web for places to find ideas about breeding birds, swapping stories about our respective skeleton closets, and found a solution to the cubase problem.

I wouldn’t mind catching Oceans 12.

Somebody plugged the manatee kiss video to ipodder… I’d really like to know who the original referrer is… if anyone out there could let me know, I’d appreciate it.

A Year Later