7050 – not just an excellent printer

If I had a twin brother, I don’t know if I’d be the good one or the evil one.

I think I’d be the good one…Or maybe that’s just what I want *you* to think, dear journal.

Maybe I am as “bad” as Liver-eatin’ Johnson. Any Crow warriors around had better be careful, just in case.

There’s something very frightening about a knife attack, more so than a fist, gun or a bomb. The intimacy of the action along with the type of wound delivered is the most scary to me. I think I’d rather have a bone broken or a bad burn than be stabbed for the same amount of damage… if you can even quantify that in real life terms.

Man, even in a goatee, my mojo is indeed mighty. Better than a wrench on Yvonne MacGruder. I prefer having a shaved throat and cheeks, too.

Who Named It? a database of medical conditions, etc. which carry a person’s name.

Which Japanese word are you? by gokumew2
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You are: Bakayarou (idiot)
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Random Scotto factoid: I haven’t set foot inside a K-mart for maybe two or more years. (I suspect the last time I was there was June 9th, 2002).

Florida Handy dandy – Miami-Dade E-Maps: the county has put up a new page of maps and data. There’s also a new address for Broward’s Maps and Stats page.

Cosmo’s 10 hot new sex positions.

Um… new? Somehow, I bet there was some adventurous soul out there well before the 14th century doing most, if not all of these. Still, it never hurts to review the material, eh?

The dang Pentagon “wasn’t a 757 on 9/11” strike rumor is going around my friends list again.

I tend to lean with the snopes assessment.

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