7028 – Season of the friendly snails

Nifty 3-D renderings

Went to the mall with Mel to get lunch and shop for Christmas prezzies for folks (where the mother surprised us in burdines), then worked on her ‘pooter to get Fruity-loops working with the midi device properly. We hung out for a bit, had a few Smirnoff ices, and hung out and chitty-chatted about this, that and the other thing for a few hours. We stopped off at a pet store, and scoped out a Siamese, even though there’s already 4 back at Mel’s place. I was tempted to bring Newt back a little buddy m’self, but brain won out over heart… this time.

Yahoo 2-person canasta is a hoot! Thank you for the game and the tutoring, Christy!

Things about my dad at 35, as far as I can recall. The year was 1980. Two sons, aged eleven and seven. His wife was a visiting day-nurse to an older lady that had a stroke. He was just getting into real estate sales to do in the background while he worked as an engineer. Fished almost every other weekend, and hunted maybe once every two months. Most of our meat was store bought, but fish was a regular staple brought in by boat, pole and hook. Fishing was really his best way to get away from it all, and he almost always had a beer in his hand if it was after 7pm. He and his family were living in one side of a duplex that was a two-bedroom, two bath home in Florida, and rented out the one-bedroom side to an older tenant. He smoked cigarettes during the week, and packed a pipe with cherry tobacco on the weekends. The neighbors were hippie/bikers named Denny and Chris, and his big TV shows were still documentaries, about war or nature. He wore his hair short, clean shaved.

He had seven years left to live. I think he was very blessed.

Things about me at 35. The Year is 2004. Newt is five years old, and far simpler to maintain than a human child. Currently seeing what the future will bring mate-wise. My brother no longer lives right next door, but I’m in a comfortable place, and am looking off and on for a two-bedroom condo. I do not smoke anything, and drink only sparingly. My neighbors are a doctor’s office and a Psychiatrist’s… the two apartments adjacent are empty, but may be populated come Dec 1. My Big TV shows are lost, and nature documentaries.. I’ve become disillusioned with most of the history channel’s offerings lately. My hair is long, almost to my belt line. I have a full beard, but am considering a reversion back to my more regular goatee.

I have no idea how much time I have left. I’m very blessed.

The new Make Love Not Spam screensaver by Lycos constantly loads web pages advertised in spam mails; this is to make sure the spammers will find they’re having impossible traffic costs.

I’ve recently registered with blogexplosion, and I expect to see a considerable amount of traffic flowing into the site. I wonder how much this service will end up hammering LJ, as more people use it to get people to swing by? Since you can route to more than one site, maybe I’ll point some hits to my friend’s page.

Even better, it’s helped me to find some pretty nifty blogs I’d not otherwise have tripped over. (Random on LJ works only if you’re looking for 18 year old girls posting about cutting and high school issues, generally.)

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