7022 – Special Guest Stars: The California Raisins!

Toasted orange marmalade sammiches for breakfast. yum.

Looks to be a lovely day today.

This entry keeps getting anonymous porn spam comment posts… they’re auto-screened, but I wonder what combination of keywords is setting it off? (posts were put there on 2/2/04, 7/16/04, 8/20/04 and most recently 11/24/04)

Hardcore Morris Dancers

Does Italy really have a vampire problem, with all the churches and garlic?

50,000 comic book covers.

I really like knowing people that have no access to the internet, save for kinkos or the library. I get a very fresh perspective from them. Maybe not one I share, but that’s ok.

though small
As measured against the All,
I have been so instinctively thorough
About my crevice and burrow.

-Robert Frost

What change of life will come today? I foresee an interesting mix of light and dark paint when the time comes to remember this month, years from now.

  • I want to write something in the sand with a stick.
  • I want to make someone smile today.
  • I want to set some people straight about where they stand with me.
  • I want to get a straight answer about a few questions I have about myself.
  • I want to find that condo… or barring that, I want my apartment to magically clean itself.
  • I want today to go by smoothly, and without painful incident.
  • I want to rest my head in the lap of a pretty girl, have her give me a scalp massage, and then return the favor.

From the Hooray for Bittorrent and cartoons not available on DVD anywhere department:

“More Fire! More Fire! To Melt all the Candy, the Flames must be HIGHER!”

One of my favorite Secret Squirrel episodes…Greg.


The Master criminal… A Gingerbread Boy?