7005 – I want to float in a boat in a moat. (no goat required)

Penguins have an organ above their eyes that converts seawater into fresh water.

I would like a pajama set done in prison stripes.

If you’re plugged, been slugged, down in the mouth or down in the belly, mad or sad or mean-spirited and dog-kickin’ angry, I got the stuff to make you right!

Random Lynching factoid: When you hang a man, put the knot of the noose behind the man to be hanged’s left ear… better odds of breaking his neck when he’s dropped. Otherwise, he’ll strangle, and probably take his time choking to death, instead.

I wonder if there ever was a James West / Jonah Hex crossover? I bet Hex’d do quite a number on Miguelito Loveless. Maybe toss in Brisco County, the Rifleman, the Barclays and the Cartwrights.

I want some of these for my ceiling. Duck butts. (reminds me of this song, too. 15 meg mov)

Random Scotto Factoid: I was part of a major RSS syndication drama, a few years back.


Stop making the rest of us look bad, demand Hollywood executives