7004 – Wicky-wicky-waa-waa.

Something about the weather is very comforting… Rain on glass, moonlight through a window, Newt nestled against my neck. No calls after 10pm! Friendly Chitty-chat. A good night last night.

Sammy and Whims are both a bit quiet lately, but still friendly.

Lack of interest in CoH lately… I hope that Freedom Force 2 has a good multiplay options and game world. CoH has the best team play games of any system I’ve ever seen, though. Nice balancing system between casuals and hardcore gamers.

Afrocaribbean religions

Thanks for the postcard, missv! Newtie thanks you for feeding the Thai-kitties!

I still feel a little guilty about having heroclix, which are also made overseas… I don’t know the conditions under which they were created.

Yu-gi-oh! Is one of the most annoying cartoons, ever.

I think the theme to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is great.

edbook‘s been posting a bulk of gorgeous, Autumn-y photos lately. Check ’em out.

What Wal-Mart Knows About Customers’ Habits – including the capability of tying the use of your credit card into who you are, how much your mortgage is, your driving record, your court dates…

I’ve discovered that I can do a pretty good impersonation of Ray Romano. How useful will that be later in life? Who can say? I suspect the answer is “not too much”. Interesting that one of the monarch’s main guards has a voice that’s similar.

Looking back a year in time… letting crackheads and thugs go free doesn’t sound a lot like the fascist state so many people are claiming that the US is turning into. Where are the jack-booted brownshirt thugs, when I want ’em?

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