7003 – Bob Ghingis Khan, Socrates Johnson…

Not much to report this morning… Vague dream memories. Sensations of filtered rosy light, ease and comfort. I didn’t want to get out of bed, but one does what one must.

I want some of those Incredibles toys from McDonalds… but they’re made in China, and it’s McDonalds. Bah.

Maybe I’ll get to go to the Miami Book Fair international next year… last year, surgery, this year, on call. I may have to be very careful for next go ’round! Thank goodness for CSPAN2/bookTV.

Note to Mr. 5… See to it that Mr. 11 doesn’t make it to that fence. Don’t use your sidearm unless you have to. Civilian casualties will not be tolerated.

Google Aptitude test answers

I’m worth $2,462,263.20! How much are you worth?

Hm. They must go by volume.