7000 – sonic transponder will translate vermin.

Well… let’s see. 7000 entries, in 1467 days.

My early days of heavy posting is skewing my count up to about 4.8 entries a day. Comments posted – 35,841 – That’s 24 comments posted per day. I know I’ve had a few 100 days and a few 0 days.

Busy-busy day on call yesterday…. makes me appreciate MM all the more.

The Declaration of independence was signed a century before Germany and Italy became “Countries”

Since I was on call, and couldn’t do much online gaming, I hopped back a bit into GTA… Man, those Ambulance missions are hard. I would like to see a variant of it online, with team action.

How to never miss an episode with BitTorrent and RSS (or, How I’ll be getting episodes of lost in the future)

The 1st DCA rules once again that the voucher law is unconstitutional.

The first sentence of article I, section 3 of the Florida Constitution is synonymous with the federal Establishment Clause in generally prohibiting laws respecting the establishment of religion. In addition to the Establishment Clause language, article I, section 3 also includes the language of the no-aid provision, which expands the restrictions in state aid and to religion by specifically prohibiting the expenditure of public funds “directly or indirectly” to aid sectarian institutions. For a court to interpret the no-aid provision of article I, section 3 as imposing no further restrictions on the state’s involvement with religious institutions than the Establishment Clause, it would have to ignore both the clear meaning and intent of the text and the unambiguous history of the no-aid provision.

Full text here.

ACLU statement here.

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Taking prednisone (for the allergic reaction I had) leaves a real nasty aftertaste in my mouth. bleh!

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