6986 – Monday, Monday – Again with the shoes

Walking home from getting supper yesterday, I saw a man get hit by a car, a major strike, one of his shoes flew off and skittered against the curb. He seemed externally ok… he was helped to his feet, and was walking fairly well, but the people that hit him took him (I assume) to the hospital to be checked out. I can still hear the “Skid-thump” in my head… I’m glad it wasn’t a gory accident.

They recovered his shoe, and took it with them. That makes me contemplate about why some folks like to be shod or just collect shoes so much? I certainly prefer to go barefoot wherever and whenever I can. I can see the pleasure or sense of security that having your feet wrapped in socks might bring, but shoes… That seems to be something else… a sense of looking nicer, maybe? Most people think that the human foot is an unattractive part of the body, if they think about it at all. (I don’t even know which mental direction to take, when talking about fetishists… what little I’ve seen in that department seem to prefer costuming and shoes, but I could be completely off on that area of interest.

With some women and shoes seems to be like some men and tv-sports. That is, I don’t get either attraction by either group, and I’ve seen a small crossover of women interested in tv-sports, but I don’t know of any men that are big into shoes… of course, I don’t hang out with many “Metrosexuals” either.

Maybe it’s like the compulsion gamers get to buy dice? I don’t know. Speaking of gaming, I think Incredibles actually diminished my urge to play city of heroes.. I miss the family-style roleplay of Champions.

Let the swords run with the blood of the infidelsh., also, Stapler Called Love.

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