6983 – Veritas disputandum est

Danny couldn’t do the Incredibles last night, so we’re going to go today. I have it on good authority that I’ll really dig it. I look forward to discussing it with my long-distance movie going chums, too.

I figured out the connection for the Incredibles Costume… compare to Freakazoid.

Cuppycake Gumdrop Snoogums, and here’s what she looks like now. Look at that gleam in her eye. You just know that song twisted her into a knife-wielder.

I got a call from Debby… she wants me to be an actor in the coming ren-fest.. they’re low on male actors. I wouldn’t have to do any choreography, just “Flavor”.

Anybody in the Fort Lauderdale area looking for a gig at the top of next year? Lots of girls in bodices, beer, and a chance to walk around in cool costumes?

Had a pleasant surprise in the form of two chats yesterday… got to dig friendlies right out of the blue. Rock on San Diego! Made my otherwise quiet evening quite nice.

Forbidden love in a world where bunnies and cats can not love each other. Video for Korean group DDuatta.

More Broward County Piccies –

Motor Marina Inn (17th St) &
A Cool 60’s Style Pizza Joint in Hollywood.
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Haiku from recent entries –

ebay auction it
was given with the car they
were a satanist

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