6981 – Blue skies

Random Fort Lauderdale pictures, ant’s eye view – Click to enlarge

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Bay Club on Seminole Drive

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It’s fun to be short!

Going to see The Incredibles tonight, if all goes well. Hopefully, I’ll get to drag ol’ Danny along.

A new security hole in Microsoft’s web browser allows hackers to, yes, you guessed it, take over PCs for their own malicious devices. All they need to do is plug in an overlong name as a frame or iframe src and, voilá, the attacker’s shell code executes!

If you’ve already installed SP2 on your XP machine, you’re “probably” safe. Otherwise, uh, so, you’re not. –via

In other news, it is very fun to run around the house, chasing Newt, bellowing “HARCOURT FENTON MUDD!” like a shrewish robot mother-in-law.

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