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I expect every single civic-minded person who posted about voting to answer this question.


Now is the time for MORE civic-mindedness.

What will you do for your country today — this month — this year?

Pony up. Put your money where your mouth is.

If the President you didn’t want got into office (and even if the one you did want got into office), it’s time to MOTIVATE more than ever — it’s time to give more of yourself to this country, because the country NEEDS YOU.


What are you going to do for your country this year?

6978 – Contains 5% juice

Newt’s gotten back into the habit of flicking on the front light switch with his face. He can only turn lights on, or flip into the “up” position. I caught him at it last night… he used to do the inside kitchen light by batting it. I wonder what caused him to swap switches and methods?

I’m going to visit the Hollywood PD today, to talk tech with the communications department, while RC does his deal. They’ve been a stone in our shoe for a while… I look forward to a chance to straighten things out and make them fly right.

Database Shuffle!

If you see a message that your journal is in read-only mode, that’s probably what’s happening… your journal is locked while it’s being copied to the new servers. It shouldn’t last more than a couple minutes. (not that the copies take that long, but we lock the accounts when they’re “on deck” for an upcoming move, to let the account quiesce)

scottobear is now on Bear, subcluster 9. Well, that’s a happy coincidence!

Where is your journal?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 30 Seconds, re-enacted by bunnies.

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