6969 – Insert Juvenile number reference here

This is a pretty good approximation of a Robotman pumpkin.

I got one good picture from last night… I have to make a point of posting it this evening.

Dracula: Dead and Loving It is surprisingly loyal to the source material. Also, the gag about “Yes, we have Nosferatu, we have Nosferatu today” was very silly. Mel Brooks looks more and more like Patrick Stewart as they both get older.

Today is my mother’s 57th Birthday. She’s visiting grand-ma-ma this weekend for her 82nd. GMM is suffering from a loss of faculties since her stroke earlier this year. It’s believed that she has the first few signs of Alzheimer’s. I think she really stopped hanging on to focus after Ted passed away, and now is allowing her thoughts to sort of disperse because she has no reason to narrow the beam on anything in particular. I feel that she’s going to let layers drift away, little by little over the next year or so, until she vanishes back into the void from which she came. She’s living with her son, now, and he’s 60.

Seems to be a trend. Grampa and Nana had Great-Grammy living in the other half of the duplex that they shared, ages ago, though Great Gram wasn’t mentally infirm at all… she just was old and “rickety”. Her passing away was what got me my first computer, way back when. I wonder where Claudette is now? After Grandpa died, she sort of packed things up and went back to her family… I never really heard anything from her again after that.

I’m just very happy that my mother has a strong support system in place for when she gets older. Her husband is a decade younger than she is, so, barring accident, he should be maintain her health and living quarters for the foreseeable future.

Thinking about how I’d feel if I woke up in my current situation, with no backstory.. if I could only look on the surface.

Family and friends sort of troublesome right now. Newt is the most comfortable and rock steady of the lot. Perhaps a case of ignorance being bliss, because he’s got his own little microverse here in the apartment.

Finances, good. I’ve managed to save a tight little nest egg, and a bit more goes in there with every payday.

Mental Health/ Emotional, fair to middling. There’s a lot out there on my noggin’s plate right now, and it’s not always what folks might think. Fortunately, I’ve become pretty grounded by this point in my life. I agree (to a point) with the statement that says “We create our own stress”. In the sense that I’m the only one that can react to a situation as it pertains to me, that’s true. I think that if you truly care about someone else, seeing them suffer for any reason (real or imagined) is going to cause you stress. That’s a symptom of concern for others…if you don’t care, you don’t worry. Nothing about myself causing stress.

Physical Health, good, though I need to stick with my diet. I don’t want to gain back everything I’ve lost. No Back pain lately, No Headaches. I still have nerve damage in my leg, but it’s numbness rather than pain. Upper body strength is getting high. Moderate daily workouts. Still don’t eat anything with a face. Was surprised that Diet Pepsi Slurpees aren’t vegan. (contains dagatose, whose production is started with whey, a dairy by-product.) Garden burger Riblets are about my favorite sandwich fodder.

Intelligence, skill set – I’ve honed my power-user skills and hardware stuff , and kept my ASP skills reasonably sharp. My php has become more tightly focused into lasso, and CSS is only used as a reference. Non-computer skills that I use regularly are inter-personal with law enforcement and/or grant writing, management of other technicians, light counseling of distressed parents.

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