6903 – More storm update / ponderings

Well, one benefit of all this wind and rain hubbub is that I’m becoming more intimately acquainted with weather websites out there.

Skeetobite Weather is especially sharp… it combines street level maps with weather data as hurricanes approach landfall.

See that dot under Fort Lauderdale? That’s Newt and me, just outside the hurricane force winds and inside the tropical storm force winds (as of 11am this morning)

I’m wondering about hurricane shelters… I think that’d be a great place to work a crowd… a captive audience. You could pull off all kinds of snake oil or scams there.

Dan called to see if I wanted to stay with him again, but I declined… I’m in a pretty comfy zone right now. Always cool of him to ask to help… he’s a good pal.

EN did well on Friday Night, two calls, and weathered a system slowdown issue. I’m glad to have him on the team.

Current Mood: I’ve got a couple of liters of diet cream soda and a hot pizza cookin’ to last me through the storm! Hoo-hah!

Current Music: Japanese Train Station Tones

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