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I’m not too worried about Hurricane Jeanne… but I am concerned about Jewish folks (Florida has something like 600k of ’em) not listening to TV or radio, and might not be as up to date on the weather as they should be. Jewish law says you put Jewish requirements aside if there is any danger. I also worry about Pensacola. So much debris is very dangerous…and folks are still trying to recover from the last hubbub.

On a lighter note, I’m amused by so many people referring to Jeanne’s loopy path as a “Dipsy-doodle”.

This one started to head out to sea, then went, “Crap! Where is my head? I almost forgot to devastate Florida!”

Just in case, I packed up the office again, backed everything up. Big Kahuna was delighted when I showed her that her laptop is wireless… she’s been using dial up from the road for so long…. it’s a real release to be freed of cables, and get good network speeds.

The Internet has a diameter of about 10,000 pookies.

Take a look at their graphics and find out just what a pookie is.

Friday 5, a day late.

Pick a theme song that represents your life: lately? Up Around the Bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Do you talk to yourself? – Not as a practice, but I do reflect internally a lot.

Describe your relationship with your co-workers: – I get along pretty well… only rarely do I hit a bump.

Have you ever done karaoke? – Yup. Love Shack (b-52s) with a group… Daddy Sang Bass (Johnny Cash) on my own were the most fun.

Do you believe in love at first sight? – I think it’s possible, though I’m more likely to believe in a blossoming relationship than a *whammo*.

I saw Miss Cleo on a local TV commercial! (or an *AMAZING* reproduction) I figure it was the real one, because she’s a local, and needs money. The company was “Uncle Mel’s Used Car Clearance

Yet another view of the soul – Aztec

The Aztecs believed in a tripartite soul: the tonalli dwelled in the head, and contained vigor, life force, and magical energy. The teyolia resided in the heart, embodied knowledge and personality, and was the part of the soul that entered the afterlife. The ihilia, found in the liver, was the evil or animal part of the soul, responsible for passions such as hate or lust. Legend-wise, the tonalli is the part most likely to be manipulated by an evil sorcerer (perhaps being used to animate a zombie), while the ihilia is more likely to become an evil undead being in its own right.

My thoughts are on pinwheels and soft winds this morning.

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