6894 – please vote, and don't eat corpses with wasabe.

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Fellow Americans, if you haven’t yet registered to vote, or need to re-register due to a change of address or legal name, please go here:


Online form. Takes all of two minutes, if that. Seriously.

Print it, sign it, slap a stamp on it (and maybe a piece of tape) and you’re good to go. You don’t even need an envelope.

Do it right now, if you can. Many states have early October deadlines to register. That’s just two weeks away.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re registered, you’re probably not. Register again.

I don’t care whether we’re voting for the same guy or not.

Just register and vote, k?

It ain’t a right, it’s a responsibility.


Also, For people without printers: 7-11 stores are carrying piles of voter registration forms.

American citizens overseas who need to request absentee ballots can get information on how to do that (including the standard federal form to request them) at http://www.fvap.gov/ – that site will point you to state election sites for voters in the US.

Shaft in Africa soundtrack. THE Brother Man in the Motherland! I only hope the Luke Cage Soundtrack will have as much funk.

Cliffs Notes online for free

Coolgov – “The basic premise is this: the U.S. government provides lots of neat resources, more and more of which can be found on the internet. Basically, we’re just going to try and find the coolest stuff there is and post it here. ” check out the picture of ivan taken from the ISS!

Man Exhumes and Eats Grandson’s Corpse
LUSAKA (Reuters) – Zambian police have arrested a man who exhumed, cooked and ate part of his grandson’s corpse, police said Monday.

Police spokeswoman Brenda Muntemba said a hunter found the man eating pieces of flesh in a graveyard in Milambo, 600 km (370 miles) north of the capital Lusaka.

“The man exhumed a corpse and cut off some flesh which he cooked in a pot and started eating … we went to the grave of his grandson and verified that he had exhumed the body,” Muntemba told Reuters.

Muntemba said police had no idea why the man, who had no history of madness, had started eating his grandson, who died in July. The man was charged with interfering with a dead body and also for trespass in the graveyard. Site Meter

Think Wasabi Clears Your Sinuses? Think Again

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Many people believe the sushi-seasoner wasabi clears their sinuses, but new research presented this week suggests that the spicy green paste may do the opposite.

U.S. researchers found that eating wasabi appeared to increase congestion in a small group of healthy volunteers, despite the fact that participants said they thought that the spice had cleared their nasal passages.

“Actually, wasabi is a congestant,” study author Dr. David S. Cameron told Reuters Health. “It makes the space of your nasal passages smaller, but it makes you feel more open.”

Cameron explained that wasabi probably clogs up sinuses by increasing blood flow to the lining of the nose. That extra blood takes up space, he said, which constricts the nasal passageway.

Wasabi may make the nose feel more open, Cameron noted, by causing changes that increase the cooling effect of air breathed through the nose, or by stimulating flaring of the nostrils, which enables air to flow more easily though the nose.

Cameron and his team will present their findings Tuesday during the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation annual meeting in New York City.

Wasabi is made by grinding the stems of the Wasabia japonica plant into a paste. This plant belongs to the same family of plants as broccoli, cabbage and mustard.

While wasabi may not work as a decongestant, previous research has suggested that it is not without other health benefits. For instance, lab research shows that wasabi may inhibit the growth of cancer cells in test tubes, prevent platelets from forming blood clots, and may even fight asthma or cavities. And, appropriately for a condiment used to season raw fish, wasabi has antimicrobial properties.

During the current study, Cameron and his colleagues from Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland, California asked 22 people to dissolve a lentil-sized amount of wasabi on their tongues multiple times at one-minute intervals, and then report whether the spice affected their sinuses. The researchers also used a device to objectively measure participants’ nasal congestion before and after tasting wasabi.

Cameron explained that he and his colleagues used the minimum amount of wasabi needed to cause burning in the nose, a hallmark of the ingredient.

Although people believed that wasabi helped open their nasal passages, it actually appeared to increase congestion.

“If you love wasabi, keep eating it,” Cameron said. “But if you want to recommend it as a decongestant, think twice.”

Stolen from K who stole it from Patricia the mystical…

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read these words?

..snow? body knows, the trouble I’ve seen

..rain? bow

..tornado? twister

..summer love? Andy Willaims

..hair? A home for fleas (yeah) a hive for bees (yeah), a nest for birds, there ain’t no words for the beauty, the splendor, the wonder of my….

..wood? chuck

..nails? coffin (smokes)

..professional athletes? wealthy

..Moon? Halo

..Jane? Tarzan

..Jon? ny Quest

..Mike? Mr.. Microphone

..Shea? Robert, The Golden Apple

..banana? Monkey!

..dizzy? Gillespie

..Laura? Luke’s gal.

..Juan? Mill-yon Dollars (Dr. Evil Laugh)

..car? park

..white? wash

..peppermint? Incense and Peppermints – The Strawberry Alarm Clock (one of the best songs with cowbell.)

..New Found Glory? um… Zombies! Monkeys! Pirates! ZOmbie MOnkey Pirates!

..placebo? best medicine

..orange juice? mMmMmm

..candid camera? Allen Funt

..sister? Soul

..brother? Trouble Magnet

..hate? is a stronger word than many admit

..school? ‘s out For summer!

..President? Ulysses S. Grant. Super Drunk! Great Writer, Good Painter. Has No Neck. Had A pony named “Crab Louse”

..football? Helmet

..rap? jumped the shark

..pop? soda

..rock? Plymouth 1622

..punk? snot-nosed

..sex? pistols

..death? is better as a skeleton with a scythe (that is kind to cats) than a cute goth chick

..baby? diapers

..duuude? sweet!

..the end? Le fin.

FirePanel XP is an extension for the new firewall found in Windows XP SP2. It improves your Windows Firewall, with features not normally available. It sets rules, monitors firewall’s activity, filters packets, and displays logs, helping you keep realtime tabs on what exactly your system is being exposed to. (cuter than opening up notepad to get the info)

Oh My!

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