6881 – Humpty-hump

Now that the hurricane’s gone … get ready for the mosquitoesSite Meter

Like hurricanes aren’t scary enough… West Nile Virus and St. Louis Encephalitis! Eep.

I’ve been asked to participate in two elaborate net-hoaxes, set to launch in the distant future. I can’t go into details here, but I’m still deciding if I should participate or not. One is probably pretty useful to mankind, while the other is just sort of fun. Both are a little work, though, so it’ll have to bypass my naturally lazy streak.

Imagine, if you will, that Enron’s cadre of lying, cheating, stealing executives weren’t living it up in Dallas while bleeding granny dry in Fresno, but instead were taking advantage of grandmothers in Peking. What do you think the Chinese government would do to punish them?

Apparently, they’d kill them. Four employees of the nation’s Big Four state-owned banks were executed for fraud totaling $15 million. China didn’t disclose how they executed the men, but generally they either shoot them in the back of the head or inject them with poison.


Bro’s girlfriend is in jail, for coke possession and failure to appear in court. What word comes to mind? Dumbass!


Arrest Number: 570410860 Arrest Date: 09/05/2004
Race: W Sex: F DOB: 07/10/1982
Height: 501 Weight: 120 Hair: BLN Eyes: BLU
Arresting Agency: FORT LAUDERDALE
* Expected Release Date:

Charge Number: 1
Case Number: 2003CF34845
Statute: HLD-CO FEL
Description: OUT OF CO HOLD – FEL
Charge Comment: FTA POSS COCAINE
Bond Type: NB
Bond Amount: 0.00
Projected Sent. End Date*:
Charge Number: 2
Case Number: 04014285CF10A
Statute: BND-SUR FEL
Description: BOND SURR FEL
Charge Comment: POSS OF COCAINE
Bond Type: BD
Bond Amount: 1,000.00
Projected Sent. End Date*:

* Subject to Change

Holder Number: 1
Applied Date: 09/05/2004

Dang.. what is she, 22, and a coker ? Trying to stay clean, Bro? Good Choice!

Father of the Pride is cute, and if Sigfried & Roy have anything to do with how they’re represented in the show, I have a new respect for ’em.Site Meter

Weird but cool… I heard from Nicole H. (mentioned a little bit here) last night. I haven’t seen her for an age, since the old IMT days. I know Kev’ll be happy to hear from her, as well. (Once I pass her note and Email along to him.) I look forward to catching up with her… I noticed that she still has her last name. I wonder if she ever got married to that guy, or if she’s still hanging out with Heather?


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