6870 – I remember the responsometer malfunction of '97.

Power was off at work until about 2pm… when the server woke back up, it emailed me, asking for permission to stay awake, so I told it to go ahead. Big Kahuna, Rogers and I went in and unpacked all of the other hardware. I got the office up and running in about an hour and a half… one of the benefits of being in a hurricane environment is knowing how to pack and unpack in a blink. The building was *hot*.. sealed up for three days without A/C makes the third floor like an attic, but the place got cranking with cool about the time I left. Too late for me, I was a walking river by that time. (Two floors of machines, telephone and other hardware had to be put back together. I’m leaving it to the office-folks to put pictures and such back. No water damage, but the wind really played havoc with the branches everywhere we went.

Today will be a more straight-forward day.

Disco-Hitler. It’s him. He’s the supervillain I’ve been wondering about. (more musical villains here) It’s been around for ages, but every time I rediscover it, it kills me.

Ivan looks like he’s keeping a Southerly course, sneaking up the West Coast of Florida. Still too early to fret, but at least the weekend isn’t wrecked.

The World of Warcraft demo is looking neato! Here’s a peek at Whimsy’s Night Elf… note the plunging neckline, and freakishly large hands. good size for wallpaper… I like the little flowers on the Guardian Tree’s feet and organic feel of the whole place. I’m envious, because she’s a druid and can shapeshift into a bear! However, I think I’d have more fun playing the giant tree.

Clickie to biggie.

A 3D chocolate printer in the works. That’s a really cool idea… a *lot* of potential there. Made out of lego. superb thought.

Episode 11 of Making Fiends is here!

America’s Army is pretty cool. It’s a fun bit of military recruitment, disguised as a FPS. Graphics are nice.. I wonder how many folks have been convinced to join up as a result? I’m doing the medic training… it’s interesting and educational.


once again, Clickie to biggie.

The closest thing to a mech I’ve ever seen. Look at the size of the thing!!! That’s not forced perspective… it’s just fricking enormous. (spun into from here)

Those little things at the base? A big ol’ earthmover, and 2 ant-sized people. Maybe it’s my little-kid fascination with giant machines, or perhaps it’s the giant bucket wheel “buzz-saw”… but Wowie. What sort of noise?

I thought those platforms that moved the space shuttle were big.

I bet the same mad scientist that’s flinging hurricanes at me uses these as party-fun time doomsday device.

The Large Bucket Wheel Excavator

  • Stands over 310 feet tall (higher than the Statue of Liberty)
  • Is over 700 feet long (2 ½ football fields)
  • Weighs over 100 million pounds
  • Cost $100 million, took 5 years to design & manufacture and 5 years to assemble on site
  • Requires 5 people to operate (including CAT D6R bulldozer operator)
  • The Bucket Wheel is over 70 feet in diameter with 20 buckets each of which can hold over 20 cubic yards of material. A 6-foot man can stand up inside one of the buckets.
  • The “Belt Caddy” is separately operated and has a retractable boom which connects it to the Bucket Wheel Excavator
  • It moves on 12 crawlers (each is 12’ wide, 8’ high and 45’ long) – 8 in front and 4 in back
  • It can remove over 100,000 cubic yards of overburden each day

Lego version with demonstrators.


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