6857 – update

I’m going to stay with Danny and Janet’s place if things continue to be bad. Poor Danny’s allergic to Newt, but he’s willing to sacrifice for me and the little orange guy. Newtie-boy will be banned from the bedrooms, is all. I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to spend time in the living room with me. I’ll bring some Heroclix with me to play to while away the time in a more analog style.

Janet’s rather allergic to me, too, in a different sense. Our beliefs and ideals are fairly different, but she has been nothing but very gracious to me in times of need. I’m thankful for that.

My mother is going to be fine where she is, and if bro needs a place to stay, he can go be with her and Wilt.

To be on the safe side, I’ll be unpacking my PC later tonight, so I’ll be on and off-line as things happen. Danny’s only got dial-up, so I won’t have my DSL perma-connect that I do here. I’m tempted to lave my pc covered in plastic, and have the cam pointed inside for a Hurricane-view. I figure I’ll point it at the windows without wood on ’em to scan for alien invaders or flying coconuts.

Speaking of the cam, here’s the Newt pic of the day:

Current Cam pic – (will change over time)

What do you see?

Currently, you should be able to see my front door, South and East Windows, and bike. I’ll be taking the headlight with me as my personal flashlight when I go. You may also catch me running back and forth to the oven in order to retrieve lunchtime veggie taquitos.

Wilt’s coming by with a lovely bit of 5 x 6 wood to protect my most vulnerable window… the others should be fairly safe, and wood is very rare right now, as could be expected. My landlord claims there’s none to be found… I think that there probably could’ve been some if he was better prepared. I’m also happy to uproot the broad wooden fence outside, and use it as a side-barricade if need be.

current meme – (nicked from bubbles3563)

Leave a comment with your name if you want to know what I really think of you, and I’ll reply and tell you. No lies, all honesty. [I think most people already have a good idea of how I feel about ’em, but I’m happy to reinforce / surprise them.]

Post it in your journal after I do yours so I can see the reverse. (it may take a while, as checking email might get spotty.)

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