6841 – Travel Pix, part 3 (Deseo la última edición con cantos dorados.)

Okay, last batch form the Saturday walkabout. I won’t be doing much this coming weekend, because I’m on call both days. I’ll settle for playing with Newtie, and watching my New DVDs that came in just last night (If I can wait that long)! Thank you again Oneyed, Sedef, and Granny! I fell strongly that my Plastic Man Archives will make it to me by then, too! Ah, comfort is truly giant monsters, plastic man, newton kitty, and spending the weekend in my jammies.

From the outside area of the swap shop – The Fairgrounds –

do ya wanna go fast-aa?

Hooray for the spider/octopus thing! There’s something about being run in a circle that people love… I wonder if that’s why nascar is so popular, rather than the seething desire to see a car crash while drinking beer. You can see the remnants of the storm that drove me from gravesitting in the background.


Bumper cars! I always thought of them as hovercrafts or something, because the rubber extended to cover up the wheels. Just one step from flying off into space. No Electrically charged roof keeping them running, they’re all electric, and unconnected to any central circuit. I miss the showers of sparks that’d come from the sky as I drove my bumper cars headlong into other kid’s vehicles.

Cute little Dragon

Dragon in a cape-mobile. He looks like he knows something and isn’t going to tell unless you tickle him.

Indians w/Cannon

Native American manikins and cannon by the flume ride. The rest was pirate-themed… I think these guys were lost.

Pirate Cannon

Red Dog the Pirate-guy working a cannon of his own. I’ve seen a lot of folks on the beach that don’t look much different than him.

Ice Cream!

Vague self-portrait in the ice cream novelties window reflection. I had a Hulk bar… I never expected the hulk to taste like fruit punch… I was hoping for lime, him being green and all. The Bubble gum eyes went unchewed, spit into a nearby trash can without a second thought. I was surprised that they didn’t sell Mickey Mouse bars.(one of my favorites in high school.) This image also debunks the myth that I don’t cast a reflection in the swamplands to the West… or maybe I wasn’t far West enough.

Indoor Circus –

Control Panel

The control panel for the circus stage. I wonder how often someone’s tried to make off with stuff, out in the open like that? (or at least flicked around with the switches?)

Bike ball

Steel sphere for motorcycle daredevils. Interesting that one of the bikers was also a rope-girl and hula hoop master. She must train *a lot*. Does that sphere have any other use, than a track? it seems sort of a large item for an indoor circus to have. Maybe they put props in it like a toybox when they pack up.

Rope Girls1

The best part of the show… the three showgirls/acrobats were amazing. they did stuff that’d have most anyone else broken, bruised, and tossing up breakfast.

Rope Girls2

Whipping around in a circle… if I do that just at sea level I get giddy and dizzy. I bet most of the kids in the audience go home and try to replicate that part. spinning is a wonderful thing… another universal kid constant, I think.

Rope Girls3

I was impressed at how rapidly they snaked up the ropes, too. Very graceful, and certainly competent. Parts of the act went from flexibility and balance to basic pole dancing (only about 24 feet up.) I assume that the girls have vaguely Russian accents, and are actually leftover sleeper agents for when the Soviet Union rises again, after we take care of the little countries that are just a hassle for them to deal with. The one all the way on the right would make a pretty good Natalia Alianovna Romanova

I wonder if that “Blue Collar Comedy” now gives non-English speakers the same amusement that Univision generally gives me? (And I wonder if Univision makes many Spanish people shake their heads in shame, like that show does to me?)

Random Newtcam Pic: A bit fuzzy.


Gallery of Harlequin paperback covers from the ’50s (Much cooler than the ones I shelved while working as a page at BBCL). I dig LADY, THAT’S MY SKULL. (thanks, Joy, for finding that, and the game of dots!)

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