6837 Saturday's walkabout and etc.

Well, I made it to the cemetery, but the office is in the midst of moving the system over to computer, so I didn’t get to drink my Arnold palmer six feet above the carcass of a famous TV dwarf. I was told to call back in a week or two, when the system is fully on-line.

I hopped back on the 40 bus, went to the Swap Shop, bought a pile of tasty veggies at the grocer-realm out front, and caught the 2pm show of the circus. I’m pleased that they don’t have that many animal acts… 99% human acts, save for the elephants. I don’t know why the caution sign mentioned horses, tigers, lions or loud explosions. Also, isn’t that caution sign considered notice?

Note almost invisible scary zombie kid at the bottom, peering at me.

Some other pictures from my trip – This entry is about signage

Battered fish and wraps. Not my favorite foods. I passed.

Battered Clowns and wraps? I dared not pan down. I’ve found yet another reason to be glad I didn’t go to clown college, despite the grant. I also passed on eating clown, that day.

Big Cajun Battered Al’s ? Is Al a clown, too? MM.. Cannibalicious! I didn’t eat Al, but was getting pretty hungry by then.

One of a multitude of misspelled signs in the produce zone.
I got some awesome green peppers there, and some bananas for bread.

These action heroes strike me as sort of villainous. Is that guy in the middle Red Chinese? It *is* made in China. That whole Chinpokomon thing happening?

Old school circus poster on the back interior wall. I dig the term “Stupendously Grand”.

This guy looked very skilled… I wish my shot of him came out ok. He was an ancient little old guy, and he was painting some calligraphy onto a card. Since I don’t know Chinese, I have no idea what he was writing, but it was meticulous.

The girls at this location (on the opposite side of the grounds) had a private area in the back. I got a sneaking suspicion that you could negotiate for more than a foot rub back there.

A classic circus tent painting poster, in the inside, opposite the cast entrance to the circus stage.

For Kellie-bellie. Manatee sign!

Baked goods… I have no idea what was being sold on those paper signs. Or even sure what language it is, for that matter. Anyone want to clarify for me?

Another Sign. The ATM had usage in English, Spanish, French, I *think* Korean, and two other Eastern scripts.

Scalps! A geek in need of wookie pelt to complete his Boba Fett Costume could do worse than try this stand.
The Mirror also proves the legend about my casting no reflection in the Swamplands to the West.

Fish soup is like Viagra? I did pick up a bottle of cold beer to walk with at this point.
Yum! Muy Fria!

It occurred to me that I live I live in a pulp universe, watered down.Site Meter

There are blimps, dinosaurs (teeny-tiny ones, everywhere), private eyes, dames in trouble, dangerous dames, thugs, gunslingers, town drunks, big cars… good guys that aren’t so good, and bad guys that are even worse. Foggy streets, rainy days, steamy jungles, back ally brawls.

Frogs : A Chorus of Colors

Comic Book Gorillarama!

Bro called last night to let me know he was tight on cash. I asked if he’d applied at the local hotels and fast food joints, and got conflicting answers. I told him to spend a bare minimum of 8 hours a day looking for work until he finds it, and pointed him to work force one. I let him know in no uncertain terms that I’m happy to support his search but I’m not lending him any money. He peeved me by mentioning all sorts of court costs that the lawyer said didn’t exist.

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