6836 – In that big rock candy mountain…

Haven’t heard much from bro lately. I assume that he’s up to trouble with his band of no-goods. (or was that Noodles Romanoff?) I’m not currently stressing about it.

It seems that There isn’t as dead as I thought it might be. Another major update is coming shortly, and the world still seems to have a lot of activity. I’ve gone from living in a house there to being a squatter, just setting up wherever I decide to relogin. I haven’t spent a therebuck since the top of this year, if that. I don’t foresee needing any for the rest of my life in There.

It was H.P. Lovecraft‘s Birthday yesterday… still haven’t decided where to go on walkabout. Maybe I’ll do the cemetery thing after all. Supposedly haunted by Rocky Marciano, too.

FOREST LAWN Memorial Gardens Central
499 NW 27 Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33311
(954) 581-9033

If anyone cares to join me, I’ll be bringing a thermos of lemonade, a bit of pound cake, and A mix of White Zombie (it is not heresy… and I will not recant.), They Might Be Giants, and 60’s TV show themes as mp3s on the palm.

For the Record: I’m sort of in Kevin Matchstick / Silent Bob mode, sans baseball bat and overcoat.

red/white and black stripe-dyed T-shirt, long black cargo shorts, white socks, black sneakers. Hair down, 24-hour stubble on cheeks and jaw.

Blog of a guy walking form Nebraska to the East Coast. He prefers to do that rather than look for work.

Personally, I think he’s got some serious dysfunction issues, but it’s interesting to see progress. current post Looks like a lot of folks are considering him a vagrant.. people feeding him, and cops giving him a ride to jurisdictional lines. He certainly is homeless and a transient.

Speaking of which, It’s time for me to go a hikin’… until later, dear journal.

Cloak of levitation optional.

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