6824 – The trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw.

Took myself out to lunch and a movie yesterday afternoon. AvP was much less than what I expected. Very poorly directed… the last thing I want from an action movie is to be bored. It made me want to go back to play the first person shooter, so maybe that’s what they were going for… more video game sales. The effects were quite good, but that’s about it… I’m guessing they went pg-13 to bring in a younger contingent, and a lot of it could’ve been improved with more visual direction. I should’ve gone to see Bourne, instead.

Lunch was better… cheese trio sammich at Blimpie. I stopped off at the library after, to cool off before making the march home.

Note to self, bus schedules have changed, download new pdfs to palm.

I wonder how long it’ll be before they try for a Land of The Lost movie now? Or maybe Ultraman (in the US – I can’t seem to find any of the old Asian ones on Bittorrent)? I just like scary humanoids with big round eyes, and head-fins. (I already got my Rocketeer movie.)

Pictures from my day:

On the bus, before a girl boarded. Note bucket-hat’s gut at full extend. (I hope that’s as far as it goes.)

On the bus, after the girl got on. Bucket-hat isn’t in “full suck it in” mode… he relaxed quite a little after she went past. If there was a better sequence, I think I’d have made a little movie.

View from the 5th floor of the library. The little tower on the far right is where I went to see the movie. That’s right about the corner of las Olas and Andrews. There’s a river there, too, but it’s hidden by sprawl. We’re right over the Museum ‘f Art, too.

Pigeons Scoff at unelectrified security wire. There’s a little spool in the middle, by the bird’s foot. that spool has a hair-thin wire strung on it that is supposed to have a current running to give the birdies a little zap in order to promote a dislike for roosting on that shelf. one window over the wire is broken… and that means no current. That means birds (and by extension, bird poop) aplenty! in the background is the bridge right next to that singing fountain I like so much.

Walking home, nifty accordion building. I wonder if the pokey-outie rooms are more expensive than the flush ones, or if they’re part of the same sort of L-shaped office?

Downstairs at Riverwalk, in the parking garage. the passenger seat has a Statue of a pseudo-Jake from the Blues Brothers hollering into a mic.

Also by the parking garage.. nifty old-school “put ’em out” no-smoking sign and tray.

Gong thingum, in from of the ATOM center. Gateway to another world? Art? Another Eye of Sauron? Who can say?

Self portrait in glass at the Laundry. There were only two other guys there with me last night a student sitting next to me, and a older guy by the dryers mumbling to himself and looking for booze. See those red lights? that’s where the cabbie made me walk, rather than pull up to the parking area.

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Oneeyed and her American entourage have come to Fort Lauderdale! I hope to do lunch with them sometime soon while they’re in town, avoiding the aftermath of Charley. I think that they’re only going to be about a mile away, so it shouldn’t be too hard to see them in person. They didn’t have any cell-phone usage where they are, so mama-san took the steering wheel and made arrangements from Saudi by way of the internet! Go Sedef!

I got a bit of sun this weekend… I should’ve mugged bucket-hat.

Our redialer crew over in Ormond is in a trouble area… even the second backup number was down yesterday. fortunately lines three and four lead out to Ohio, well away from any damage.

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