6820 – Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

My head is just bouncing around topics this morning.

Random stuff, all, undivided by the hr-tag I use so much these days:

I used to get Lea Thompson and Ally Sheedy mixed up. Same goes for Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

I think the whole thing about dark matter / dark energy seems unlikely.

I could never remember the name of Doug Wu’s friend Tony who gamed with us as Silver Hammer, until I realized it was like the two main characters on Time Tunnel. Doug is in Seattle now, and Tony was lost to the social cult of Amway.

Some poor woman was trapped in the building’s elevator yesterday. I got to try and talk calmly to her and keep her from freaking out until the fire department arrived. That office space has the same stuff since the 50’s… It reminded me of when my sweetheart nearly got her arm bitten off by a carnivator in her old office spacer.

I did my apheresis (Plateletpheresis) yesterday, for the first time in a long while… it feels really good perform a charity while laying on a couch and watching cartoons.

I have terrible night vision.

I have a high threshold of pain, but once you pass it, I’m done.

Rhode Island plays with a pair of crystals (amethyst and quartz) as a form of nervous fidget. I can’t help but think of Queeg’s ball bearings in The Caine Mutiny whenever I hear her clacking them together.

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Oh, I can’t resist. Some HR goodness. until later, dear journal.

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