6808 – um. It wasn’t time to head out yet?

What was I doing at five-thirty in the morning? My body woke up, and I just assumed it was time to get moving. I’m not used to hopping out of bed early like that.

Maybe I can slip in some memes and linkies, after all.Site Meter

The Second Doctor
You are the Second Doctor: Affable, impish, and
fond of simple pleasures as well as simple
pranks. Your mischievous exterior camouflages a
powerful mind and a great deal of courage.
Although you care nothing for appearances, you
place a high value on the bonds of true and
lasting friendship.

Dissembled: Guide to Marvel’s Avengers Departures. Tacky.

Radiohead – Creep video

Ok, now it’s time to fly. Until later, dear journal.


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