6797 Peaches in the Summer, Apples in the Fall

Little kids in turtlenecks can be sort of creepy. Especially in the summertime.

Whirlwind days lately.. lots of work to do, pressure high. I’m dealing with it pretty well, but LH nearly quit I think.

Skinbags – gear made out of synthetic human skin. (in all sorts of shades.. black, asian, pink white, mixed, and Tattoo personalization : name, sentence, logo)

Oh, I really rather think the aprons are something. Yeek!

Gene Simmons sings Firestarter.

Also Yeek. I wonder if he’s a real doofus, of if his public life is another Andrew Dice Clay act?

This whole touch screen thing makes Florida look like it *wants* to be guilty of more voter drama.

My sensitivities to my environment are out of whack a little bit, today. I feel numb to some things, and overly aware of others. Every hair on my right arm seems to be a high-powered sensor.

Recently played music –

  • A Perfect Circle – The Package
  • Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage
  • The B-52s – 52 Girls
  • Dave Matthews Band – I’ll Back You Up
  • Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles
  • Yellowcard – Only One (Album Version)
  • A.F.I. – Charles Atlas
  • Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)
  • The Vines – Ride
  • New Found Glory – That Thing You Do (From “That Thing You Do”)
  • Stone Temple Pilots – Plush (Acoustic Version)
  • They Might Be Giants – Whistling In The Dark
  • Frank Sinatra – The Lady Is A Tramp
  • Soul Coughing – Screenwriter’s Blues
  • Led Zeppelin – The Ocean (Live At The LA Forum)
  • Tom Waits – New Coat Of Paint
  • The Pixies – I Bleed
  • Shady Grove – Jerry Garcia
  • Natacha Atlas – Aqib
  • 13th Floor Elevators – Splash 1
  • Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child
  • Talking Heads – Mommy Daddy You And I
  • Alanis Morissette – All I Really Want

Want to listen to my station?

I’ve been using launch radio, calendar, weather, news and games a lot lately on my Y!M. Tasty little app.

oOmiaq wrote me recently, and thanked me for listening to his music. My pleasure, oOm.

Dan bailed for tonight, but we’ll probably get together tomorrow. I don’t mind, save for the short notice. I don’t really want to go to the Seminole casino on a flippin’ Friday, so that’s going to have to wait. I’m not sure what I want to do for my solo Saturday walkabout, yet. That Moonlight movie is that night… that could be a fun time. Maybe I’ll hit Port Everglades during the day, and see if I can spot some free-swimming manatees or turtles. I found out after my recent trip to Miami that there’s a natural calving / nursery area there.

Maybe tonight I’ll hit the Museum ‘f Art. It’s free until the end of August, just up the street, open until 9pm on Thursdays, and air-conditioned.

Manatee Trivia:

  • A manatee can move each side of its lip pads independently. This flexibility allows the manatee to grab aquatic plants and draw them into its mouth.
  • Manatees do not have eyelashes. Their eye muscles close in a circular motion, much like an aperture on a camera. They have a lid-like membrane (called a nictitating membrane) that closes over their eyes for protection when they are under water. They have no external earlobes.
  • A manatee’s heart beats at a rate of 50 to 60 beats per minute. The heart rate slows down to 30 beats a minute during a long dive.
  • Manatees have no “biting” teeth, only “grinding” teeth. A manatee’s teeth (all molars) are constantly being replaced. New teeth come in at the back of the jaw and move forward about a centimeter a month. The front molars eventually fall out and are replaced by the teeth behind them. This tooth replacement is an adaptation to the manatee’s diet, as it consumes plants that may hold a lot of sand.
  • Manatees have only six cervical (neck) vertebrae. Most all other mammals, including giraffes, have seven. As a result, manatees cannot turn their heads sideways, they must turn their whole body around to look behind them.
  • The manatee’s rib bones are solid, there is no marrow. They make red blood cells in their sternum where marrow is found.
  • The manatee has pelvic bones, but they are not attached to its skeletal frame. They are remnants of a time when manatees lived on land. The bones are found in a cartilage tissue area of the body in the vicinity of the reproductive organs and the urinary bladder. The bones are soft when the manatee is young and later harden as they mature.
  • Other remnant bones found in the manatee are the hyoid bones located near the neck region. These bones are similar to the Adam’s apple in humans. Today, there is no known use of these bones in the manatee. The manatee’s lungs lie along its backbone instead of along its rib cage as is found in most mammals. The lungs are long (1 meter or more in adults), wide (20 cm), and thin (5 cm or less). Besides breathing, the lungs help the manatee with buoyancy control.
  • The bones in a manatee’s flipper are similar to a human hand. The jointed “finger bones” of the flipper help the manatee move through the water, bring food to its mouth, and hold objects. Three of four nails are found at the end of each flipper.
  • The adult manatee averages about 10 feet long and weighs about 1000 pounds.

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