6780 – Some remainder wildlife.

Assorted Wildlife, in the middle of Miami. I’m not sure where I want to go on my next trip.

Home of Ol’ Flipper.

More things with scales, shells or feathers.

Poor little Danger-turtle, got raked across the back by a boat’s propeller. He was enjoying a little swim around in the broad ring of water in the middle of the park.

His Shell healed badly, bending it upward in the back. He seems to get around pretty well, though.

Iguanas run freely all over the park.. most are a very vibrant green, but a few were a nifty Dino-rust/orange.

The most active… I pursued him for a bit, until I found the Manatee tank. Looks like he eats well.

I wonder if there are any kids that don’t go through a dinosaur phase?

Speaking of dinosaurs… I had to say hi to the gators, The crane is very mellow, considering his situation.

Flamingo, oh flamingo… What’s it like to scratch the middle of your back with the top of your head?


Little stingray having a snack along the bottom.


A big ol’ grouper! I like his markings.

Newt! Here, he’s checking out a squirrel or bird, but he takes a similar stance when I walk around the apartment to enter through the front. He looks darker than normal here, because of the lighting outside, I think.

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And of course, at HQ well guarded by rather fuzzy, but ever vigilant webcam –


Just so you know…. When my species comes to enslave this planet, your name will be on the protected rolls, and you will come to no harm.

Nearly 60% of the people living in Miami are foreign-born. The next highest city, Toronto, has 44% of its population foreign-born. The first five cities on the list are all in North America. Following Miami and Toronto are Los Angeles (41%), Vancouver (37%) and New York (36%).

I’ve been digging picasa since Google’s now giving it away. It meshes wonderfully with whatever else I’m doing, and it’s a good app, now that it’s a gimme. It’s probably the best image management system I’ve used yet.

Summary of colors. I really like the movies – door 32.(flash with sound) Interesting associations with each.

Comparison thought – anything you can put through 1/4″ plywood will probably penetrate the temple of the head.

current adsense breakdown – 14 clicks a day, (or about $1.60). total since June 10 – $62.46

I foresee a $100 check by mid-August.

Man Allegedly Attacks Woman With Alligator

41-Year-Old Charged With Battery, Possession Of Alligator

A Port Orange, Fla., man is facing a battery charge for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend with a pet alligator he kept in his bathtub, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

A Volusia County sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to 2565 Guava Drive Friday in response to a domestic violence report.

The 39-year-old victim told the deputy that an argument had started between her and David Havenner, 41, which escalated into violence when he started hitting her with his fists, according to the report.

He then went to the bathroom and allegedly returned wielding a 3-foot alligator, swinging it at the woman. He hit her arm with the reptile as she tried to escape. He then allegedly threw empty beer bottles at her and finally shoved her out the front door of the house, according to the report.

The woman went to a neighbor’s house to call for help.

Havenner is charged with battery and possession of an alligator, both misdemeanor offenses.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission authorities were called out to the house to handle the illegal reptile.

Havenner was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach.

Extensive Flash code Resources

The Spine / Experimental Film – directed by Strong Sad & The Cheat. See also Puppet stuff.

July 19, 1870 – Franco-Prussian War: France declares war on Prussia. For those without much recollection of history…. The French suffered greatly for it, and it united Germany under Prussia.

Random Scotto factoid… I’m the only person I know that used the “thumbs-up” gesture with any frequency at all. I don’t know anyone else that says something is “aces” either.

I think it’s funny that the new Justice League promos say “Every hero worth cheering for, and then some” with the frame on Hawk and Dove during the “and then some”. That’s true.. I can’t think of anyone that ever leapt up and went… “ALL RIGHT! HAWK AND DOVE! YEEEE-HAW!” I am looking quite forward to the new episodes.

Tropical Laser Beams.

Tropical Lima Beans.

I want a pop-tart. Or Chik-fil-a fries. Somebody hook me up. I don’t want Lima beans.

Take your vitamins, dear journal.

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