6779 – more pictures – Miami rails

It’s amazing that I managed to stay mostly un-rained on all day long.

The Building on the left was just a frame… no roof left, though people had somehow gotten a camper inside… a place to live rent-free and undisturbed? They’re pretty invisible from ground level. That track is the “Tri-Rail’s” even though it doesn’t continue that far south. I saw freight with empty gravel cars continue down that path.

Tweaked a bit to show off the color levels. Sort of an Andromeda Strain school of floor codes.

multi-colored building from the other side, by the metro-mover station.

Facing the other direction, the rain approaches.You can see the buildings more clearly here, because the fall of water hasn’t blotted them out (yet)

A bit closer.. it’s nifty to me how a your visual range can be snuffed almost instantly.

I start to retreat before I get soakified.

Under cover before it started coming down on my head… the buildings are barely outlines, now.

Sprawl.. and Miami is only growing and growing. I’m glad I’m close enough to visit if I want, but far enough away that the mega-city doesn’t crush.

I couldn’t clean it up, traveling too fast and wet windows, but I like the multi-level clovers. I Can’t help but wonder what sort of horrible mess would happen if a gasoline truck blew up in the middle, kicking out chunks of each.

A few Flyby shots of a really messy back area.

I wonder when the last person actually walked back there?

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