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Kentucky Woman Watching Web Cam Helps Nab Florida Burglars

DELTONA, Fla. — Two armed burglars were captured in Volusia County, Fla., Tuesday after a woman in Kentucky — watching a live in-home Web cam — noticed the crime happening and called police, according to Local 6 News.

Investigators said a friend of Leonard Meeks’ was looking at his Deltona home’s Web cams over the Internet at about 2 p.m. and noticed two teens breaking into the house with a knife.

When the Louisville, Ky., woman witnessed the pair removing electronic equipment, she called the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and described the break-in in detail as she watched it unfold live on her computer, according to investigators.

“I would have called 911, but I’m calling from out of state,” the woman told a sheriff’s dispatcher. “I’m watching a friend’s from a Web cam, and two men just broke into his house. They’re in the house right now.”

About two minutes into the call, the burglars apparently discovered the Web cam inside the home located at 2474 Ainsworth Ave. and placed something over the camera to obstruct the view.

However, the Kentucky woman had already provided dispatchers with a good physical and clothing description of the burglars.

More than a dozen patrol deputies, investigators, K-9 handlers and nearby motor units were dispatched to the scene. But when the units arrived, the two teens had fled the scene on foot.

After surrounding the area, a resident on Ainsworth Avenue called to report a male in her bushes.

A short time later, deputies took the first suspect, Joshuel Fernandez, 13, into custody. A K-9 unit tracked and then caught the second suspect, Jonathan Sanabria, 17, in some nearby woods. Sanabria was taken to Florida Hospital-Fish Memorial in Orange City for treatment of a dog bite to the shoulder.

“To resolve this case in just a few hours, it’s a great testament to today’s modern technology,” Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brandon Haught said.

Deputies recovered electronic equipment taken from the house.

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