6767 Newt asked me this earlier.

He usually says “mer?”

I think I’ll go to the Seaquarium some Saturday soon. I want to see one of the baby manatees before he’s returned to the wild, but the rehabilitation pools understandably aren’t open to the public.

Want to sponsor a baby manatee?

Come to think of it, it’s so warm out lately that I bet there’s a number of manatees just up the street. I’ll have to swing by and see.

The term “coagulated blood” is on my mind today. I’m not sure why.

I could go for a Twinkie right now… or some angel food cake with strawberry preserves. And have a dip in a nice freshwater lake. And a smooch from my sweetheart. Throw in some shade-trees over that lake.


Dan’s changing the color scheme of his website. I think it looks fairly nice and cheery as-is, even though the colors were slapped in quickly, just to show him how the boxes delineate. I can see him going with a monochrome blue… and I don’t see it looking as fun.

 Webpage Title

Links to internal pages

Picture of something cool

   Headings –

    Body text

    Site Map

    etc, etc.

of course, I think Hawaiian shirts are cool, so who knows?

Got the list of the first five seasons of Good Eats for bittorrent. Thanks, digital distractions! 67 episodes…I’ll be sure and seed for a while after grabbing them. On a similar note, I wish Alton Brown would update his blog more often.

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