6753 – The day out was lovely, though hot and steamy.

HAPPY 4th of JULY! I know I’m glad to be as free as I am.

So, Vizcaya it was. I walked the house (sadly, no photography inside was allowed) Outside, however, is another story entirely… so, I took a lot of pictures. )though, not all the pictures below are mine) There was *so* much statuary, and such extensive Mediterranean gardens that I could’ve stayed there all day… but the beating of the sun got to me after walking around in it from late morning to about 3pm, even with the cool breeze off of the water, and the gigantic fruit smoothie I was gunning down at a record pace.

Something nifty was that there was either a photo-shoot for a bridal magazine going on, or three different wives-to-be were all being captured on film in different parts of the outside, too. At times, it seemed as if I couldn’t take a picture without snagging a gal in a white dress and gloves someplace in the shot. (and I took a few deliberate shots, too… it’s to the gal’s merit how composed they were in the aforementioned super-sun beams. There was also a “Red White & Blue” celebration planned for the evening, with some rasta-guys working the soundboard. Unfortunately, I wasn’t up to staying there to the 9pm launch time.

I took so many photos that it’ll take me a while to sort the wheat from the chaff. I’ll toss in a few each entry as I go through ’em. Explanations of each are beneath the picture in question.

First off, let me say that TRI-RAIL *sucks*, especially compared to Miami Metro rail. the departure times are spaced out up to 4 hours between launches, making it very difficult to use “spur of the moment”. To make matters worse, the damn train is almost always 20-30 minutes late, because it shares tracks with Amtrak and a Tri-Rail train traveling in the opposite direction… bad planning almost always sets trains aside to make way for express travelers on the Silver Bullet.

That said, the train is always very well maintained, clean, and free of the drunken goat / cheese smell that some commuter trains are said to have. I like the camouflage look of blue skies and palm trees over the dull gray of most trains. (Another Tri-Rail entry, with photos here.)

The deeper you get into the city, especially in the industrial areas where trains can travel without fear of upsetting residents… or at least residents with enough money to raise a stink, the more graffiti you end up seeing. Unfortunately the train was going so fast that I missed a number of really art-worthy pieces, but instead got this cheap-looking tagger junk, instead. I may go on a graffiti photo-safari sometime soon. It looks like great heights, razor wire, and the treat of prosecution doesn’t stop these folks at all. I guess they really are “Miami’s Illest Cadavers(/?)” This came out pretty well, considering that the train was in motion and my camera is fairly poopy.

Arrival at the Viscaya Station. Already a fountain, right as I step off the platform. I think that the water was rust-stained, with detracts form the fountain’s beauty in my mind… hard for me to appreciate water (no matter how clean) in a yellow container. I’m trying to make a guess as to the purpose of the vent underneath the mermaid… for the pump?

I wonder who he might be calling out to… I suspect he was beaned in the head by one of the other statues. Maybe he’s doing a Tarzan yell? Or the Bob & Doug’s Great white north Ku-loo-koo-koo signal. He probably wants the Next guy’s Sandwich.

This last guy is just enjoying a sandwich. Playing a pan-flute? He’s got a vent, too. Maybe the other guy is complaining about his lack of a vent?

The pedestrian tube to walk over I-95 over to Vizcaya and the Science museum. Note more Graffiti. The tube reminds me a bit of a human habitrail.

After popping out the other side of the tube, there’s a long elevated sidewalk that leads to the street below. That’s more like it… shade, no traffic noise, and there was just no sign of any active human life… very peaceful, a few birds chirping and my footsteps padding softly on the cement path.

Whoops… looks like I’m not quite far enough from the train, yet. More graffiti. An odd quote – “If you ain’t about money, then you ain’t from Dade.” and in Yellow “Holla -something-something-something” in a bubble-written “MESS”

There were a *lot* of spiders out and about. Half were like this guy… a spiky-tick sort, and the others were the long-legged banana type. If I were to estimate.. I’d say that I saw at least a good three dozen or so on the pedestrian walk area.

The entrance to Vizcaya… I got lucky.. for a few moments, it looked like it might start to rain, and then the clouds dissolved in the noonday sun. I think that’s enough for now. Maybe more tomorrow, dear journal.

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Thundarr the Barbarian action figures. Heh… I never find the lead guy in shows like this interesting. Cool hulking weirdo sidekick, and Magic-wielding babes always get higher billing on my mental marquee.

Jeffry Jones – FDLE sexual offender rap sheet The Principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day off is looking pretty sketchy these days. See Also: The Smoking gun for more rap sheet type stuff.

My org notifies people in that county people of offenders moving into the area, and all of the rap sheets pass my desk before they go out.

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