6721 Morning-time once more

Hmm.. it looks like my email rattles around the ether for up to 45 minutes before landing locally. I wonder if there’s a way to fix that?

Upside, the new host spam-filters all those virus attachments before they get to my sorting spot, now.

Regarding the whole “what do you do with a drunken sailor” song.

As far as I understand, ‘Captain’s Daughter’ was a tool of discipline, usually either a lash or something similar. to “kiss the captain’s daughter” (for light shipboard transgressions) was a light beating, while “put to bed with the captain’s daughter” would be a beating until the sailor passed out from the pain.

(Related, if you’re kissing the gunner’s daughter, it means that you’re being bent over the cannon for a flogging.)

Other misc – A Cat O’ nine tails had nine lashes because superstition had it that a flogging by a trinity of trinities would be more sacred. The whip consisted of a handle made of rope about 3 1/2 inches thick in circumference & about 18 inches in length. At the end are fastened 9 tails made of log line with at least 3 knots on each tail. “Flogged around the fleet”, a man was lashed in a long boat & rowed to each ship in the harbor where he’d receive 6 lashes per ship as all hands witnessed. The cat was aways put in a red bag to disguise the bloodstains… also giving new meaning of worry when “the cat’s out of the bag”

Also, the term “poop deck” makes me laugh.

“Arr, Where be the Cap’n?” “He’s right there, on the poop!”

I wonder what Danger Turtle is up to these days?

Most recent palm-broadcast – Being able to ftp from my palmtop directly is a hoot… I could do a movie or a voice recording too, I imagine… or a doodle, for that matter!


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