6667 Make way for ducklings

Dang… big ol’ rainstorm last night! Looks like it’s going to be big and wet the rest of the week.

Lots of piccies this entry. Took a few with my palm, hated them, and went back with my regular one to compare contrast.

I think it’s adorable that ducklings will orbit mama duck… venture foo to explore, but as soon as anything unusual happens, they run like a unit back to mama.

Some ducky-pictures and a couple of others:

Ducks up the street… the camera quality just isn’t high enough to do anything significant.
Sort of akin walking the web cam around.

It looks ok at larger scale in good light, but that’s about it. Poor flattened 20mph sign.

Some hens and a goat to go with the duckies.
(At Denny’s for Lunch)
It does serve as an excellent sneaky-cam.

Also a link to mobile-newtcam feed #2 – “Looka the ducks!” (that’s me at the end saying “Duck-duck-duckies!” in falsetto, and then “Waugh-waugh-waugh” ( I sound more like Burgess Meredith’s Penguin, than a duck, I fear.)

Better shots taken with the digicam –

The Brave one… was willing to wander a dozen feet away. I hope he watches out for parking cars.

Kids straying just a bit from the mama.

Loner Teenager Ducks, hanging out… too old to be really cute, too young to fly with good feathers yet.

Mama bathing the babies.

Sky from the duck point of view.

Lizard Tile mosaic on the floor line at Picasso Joe’s.

MacCarthy’s Newsstand. I suspect it was a typo they were too cheap to properly fix, back in the 50’s.

Seahorse fountain in the alleyway behind the newsstand.

Skyline on the way home, before sunset

Construction up the road… it reminds me of a castle wall. Rapunzel, on the first floor.

The construction site broke up some sprinklers… the water was coming out of the ground like Jed Clampett’s oil.

More Fish-faced models… I like the female clownfish.

An odd sight.. I’m not sure why the family was walking a hobbyhorse down Broward Blvd.

Higher def videos – Quicktime format, about 15 seconds each (no audio, my digicam is all video)

In tribute to his passing, I submit a linkie to aprilwinchell.com‘s multimedia section: Felix & Oscar sing “You’re So Vain.” Truly, truly horrid.Site Meter

Micah Joel is running an open WiFi network in order to give himself plausible deniability for bad acts that can be traced to his IP address:

I’ve already composed my reply in case I receive one of these letters someday. “Dear Comcast, I am so sorry. I had no idea that copyrighted works were being downloaded via my IP address; I have a wireless router at home and it’s possible that someone may have been using my connection at the time. I will do my best to secure this notoriously vulnerable technology, but I can make no guarantee that hackers will not exploit my network in the future.”

If it ever comes down to a lawsuit, who can be certain that I was the offender? And can the victim of hacking be held responsible for the hacker’s crimes? If that were the case, we’d all be liable for the Blaster worm’s denial of service attacks against Microsoft last year.

Happy 4-year anniversary, Dear Journal! (The first actual entry wasn’t until 5/22)

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