6517 I'd like some chocolate teddy grahams, please.

Some excellent observations on writing.

Ever wonder what a site that had a rather nasty radioactive accident might look like years after?

This young woman and her motorcycle have ventured and found out. Very interesting, the sheer creepiness factor is rather high.

I sort of like this LED beer mug.

JK Rawling is going to go back and revise the Harry Potter books? “For all those children who know every twist and turn of the Potter plots, she had a word of warning — when she finishes the saga with Book Seven, she will settle down and revise them all. ”

Man, I’ve long since said that she needed an editor, but I figure it’s rather too late, now. Why write new books, if you can just alter the internals of known big sellers, and release ’em again? Bad Show! Do ’em right the first time, and save other cool story elements for *a new tale*!

Go play some fun 80’s games.

Random Scotto CoD factoid.. every time I’ve let the computer pick a side for me to play on in multi-player, I’ve been a German. Now, is that just some “Rosenkrantz/Guildernstern Are Dead” luck, or is it because people naturally want to play the allies, and I get tossed into the side that needs more players? I’ve come up Kraut 8 times out of 8. It’d be nice to play a Brit or whatever as a change of pace.

Dan showed the true difference in our ages yesterday… he’s on the side of “folks that don’t know how to properly set VCR clocks” and I’m on the other. I think there was some educational hump we went over regarding people born after 1964 or so. (Of course some mileage may vary.) I think that most folks under forty are able to deal more comfortably with remote-control based technology, and computers in general than most folks born before then. Note that I say *most*. He couldn’t for the life of him figure out how to turn off subtitles on his DVD player. (It eventually turned out that the button on the remote marked “subtitles” was the answer.) He’s not a stupid guy, far from it… but he simply hasn’t much familiarity with technology that I take for granted.

My favorite Bluto Song Quote from the Popeye movie:

I’m so mean I had a dream of beatin’ myself up;
I broke my nose, I broke my hand, I wrestled myself to the ground and then
Choked myself to death then broke the choke and woke up!

That’s how mean I’m mean. I’m mean.
Ya know what I mean?

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some people are just
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waiting for pick up

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