6484 Damn… Frankie the mooch was treated better.

Warning, foul language ahead.

Oh, the fuckin’ drama.

Police came by my apartment tonight, looking for my brother.

I assume it’s for something serious, as there were six cops there, 3 of whom swarmed into my house, wearing bulletproof vests another one had a gun to my head, outside, while two more looked at my ID and shined lights in my face.

The first thing out of my mouth? “Don’t let the cat get out!”

A cop’s got a fucking gun to my head, and I’m afraid that Newt’ll get outside and be hit by a car.

A guy’s got to have priorities, I guess.

They came here, because the ass-monkey that answers to my brother’s name registered his truck at this address. I didn’t know his exact home location, but I was happy to provide his cell phone number and to call the mother up to get the location of his apartment.

I guess they were looking for Andy, too… I knew full well that he was a problem, and bro was warned time and time again. He was just at court yesterday, and I guess he or his pals just couldn’t wait to screw up yet again. I wonder if this is going to have effect on his currently deferred charges, and my bond money?

I want to know what my brother did… Crackhead Mooch Frankie only got two cops, no drawn weapons. No-nose psycho Landlord got 12 police cars, a fire engine and a fire-car.

So, it’s worse than being a combative, lying crackhead, but not as bad as a suicidal, gun-toting loon. Good to know. So, I have a range to work in. I know my brother has a nose.

I *hate* having some other guys running around all over my territory. Looking at mail on my counter, reading the screen of my computer, and so on. I’d consider 4 of the cops as power-trippy cocksmokers… the other two looked like they could at least be a little respectful and work with me communications wise.

The lead cop had the nerve to ask “Why are you so jumpy if you don’t know what’s going on?”

My reply was “I didn’t like having your God-Damn gun pointed in my face… it’s a pretty jarring experience, and I hope you’re never on the other end of it. That makes me jumpy. If you had a half dozen guys show up with guns and flashlights out of the blue, you’d be jumpy, too.”

I didn’t finish the sentence that was in my head that basically ended with “You nazi, piggy motherfucker.”

Now, I know what they did was for their own protection, but that’s the thought that went through my head. Jackbooted, pig-shouted, jerkoffs. I work with nice cops every frickin’ day. Heaven forbid if a missig kid call came while I was at gunpoint.

I’m currently looking here to see if bro or one of his pals has been picked up. plus it’s interesting to see who else turns up.. it’s refreshed every quarter-hour. This one is useful, too.Site Meter

at the moment, he’s got a felony (open), 2 municipal ordinances, and a misdomeanor.

He was warned that I wouldn’t pay bond to get him out this time (if they’ll even grant bond, considering the situation.)

No more drama, please. Gimme some love, life.

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  1. You ever had two guys point assault rifles at your head, so close you can see the grooves on the inside of the barrels? You just lie there very still and try very hard not to look threatening.

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