6466 I'm a Yeti… a particle, a wave, and can communicate with cameras.

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Evaluating new neighborhoods is difficult. I like to look at a new area at night and during the day, just to see what sort of vibe the location carries. I feel that a little prudence is a good thing. It’s always nice to have a place that’s fun for walkies and peoplewatching.

Scenes from a Bigfoot Conference: Article by Rob Boston, published on the CSICOP page. My favorite paragraph:

Johnson claimed that in quantum physics, electrons do not obey the classical laws of physics. They can, for example, move through barriers, he said. When Bigfoot is in this quantum state, Johnson opined, the creature has no mass or weight and is “just a wave.” Bigfoot’s quantum nature, Johnson told attendees, may explain the lack of clear photos of the beast. “He probably communicates with cameras,” Johnson said. “He knows when they are around. He won’t let you take a picture.”

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The Florida Photographic Collection is a nationally recognized component of the Florida State Archives and contains more than 850,000 photographs, and approximately 2,500 movies and video tapes. Over 100,000 of the photographs have been scanned and placed on this website.

The collection spans a wide range of visual images from copies of mid 15th Century maps to current photographs. Most of the holdings in the collection have been obtained singly or in small groups. Together, they form the most complete portrait of Florida available–one that draws its strength from family photographs, the homes of Floridians, their work, and their pastimes. This is a shot of that area I ride the new river waterbus regularly. (site found via first-n-main)

Newt, two years ago –

Newt lounger

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