6380 Is it Barney Miller with No Fish?

I think I’ve found the most narrow “Prize group” ever. I picked up a box of Brown Sugar and Oat Total cereal today.. and affixed to the front was a DVD of two Barney Miller Episodes.

(Episodes – The Tunnel and The Obituary )

Episode 67 Tunnel First Aired: December 1, 1977
Writers: Tony Sheehan, Michael Russnow
Story: Michael Russnow
Director: David Swift
Guest Stars: Leonard Stone, J.J. Barry, Jay Gerber

Wojo gets buried underground on the trail of a burglar who’s digging into the diamond exchange; and Harris desperately looks for a new apartment in Manhattan.

Episode 161 Obituary First Aired: March 11, 1982
Writer: Nat Mauldin
Director: Gennaro Montanino
Guest Stars: Barney Martin, Richard Stahl, Phil Diskin, Will Seltzer, Peggy Pope

An angry citizen complains when the newspaper prints his premature obituary; and a modern-day Robin Hood steals surplus chickens from a government warehouse.

Oh, and a “Sneak Peeks” section that’s just a commercial for King of Queens.Site Meter

A fro, a wide tie, and a canary-yellow cordless phone with an antenna as long as the cord would've gone.Now, I for one think that it’s pretty neat, even if they’re not something I would buy regularly. Where are the Godzilla-DVD cereals? Cool Wide ties, “cordless phones” with telescoping antennas, and low-grade fuzzy pictures. The sound is good, but they obviously didn’t take any time to remaster for a $2 box of crunchy flakes of oat. I do think it’s a pretty cool find, but I wonder how many of those will end up as coasters. I notice neither episode has Abe Vigoda.

Other boxes had less appealing shows – King of Queens, Donna Reed, and Mad About You (Well, actually, ok….I sort of liked Mad About You…. The Dog Walker guy mainly.) Barney Miller outshines the rest of them by far. (Random Factoid – My Buddy Kev thinks / thought at one time that Donna Reed was one of the “Best looking gals on TV“. I got him a box of cereal with her DVD on it as a New Year’s Present.)

(Side Note, the picture above was my first use of the DVD software’s frame grab…. I fear that some wacky animated images might be forthcoming… either in an entry, of if it tickles my fancy, as an icon.)

I found out what all the banging and drilling was… they put sliding glass doors on the far walls of both apartments. They look really nice, but I wonder if it opens the apartments up too much.. they’re just efficiencies, after all.

RI won’t be back at ACIM yet… Her mother hasn’t passed on yet, so she’s hanging in there in Texas in the meantime.

Danny’s Birthday is coming up this Friday. His Mrs. and I are taking him out to Sushi and a movie… I wonder hat We’ll all go to see? I doubt it’ll be RotK again.

I pushed myself too hard yesterday. I need to get a new, more orthopedically sound desk chair for the computer area. The current one is just begging for trouble… I should pick up a new one as an early Birthday Prezzie, or belated Christmas. If I go for too many hours in a row, it’s like asking for pain.

My FFXI Character / Rear View – Those are from waiting for D and Sammy to come back… D was kind enough to help me out with the scythe and armor. I want to get the sunset shots we took as a team out soon.Sammy got me an armored helm that I’m not high enough level-wise to wear yet. That struck me as really funny… “I’m sorry, you aren’t skilled enough to wear a hat. Try again later.” I was getting really into it… that was the reason above as to why I let myself get creaky. I finally had to bail out on a quest because I just couldn’t run with it.

Ah, here are the Sunset pics at the Goblin lighthouse. I wonder what Whims will pick if / when she jumps in? It’d be cool if we could get the whole PGM team in there as a party. (Though Sammy is way ahead of us… he’s got lots more time to play it seems.

Okie doke…. time to fly. Until later, dear journal.

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