6373 Katt comment / Newtcam and audio for a brief time.

Ok, set up Newtcam again, a lovely video stream as well and got fancy, by adding a link to winamp streaming audio at the bottom, as well. (Old time radio right now, for the fun of it.) Heck, I might stream Patrick Swayze Christmas episode of MST3k. Get Winamp 5.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a comment in the Toybox from Katt. I agree.. the Artist Smiley https://i0.wp.com/www.tag-board.com/smilies/22/artist.gif?resize=15%2C15 does look a lot like Doug. I look forward to being friendly with her as well as her hubby. (Random kitty factoid: Their cat D’art was a very big part of why I ultimately foster-cared for Newt.)Site Meter

A lovely WWII Christmas story (found to be true via Snopes.)

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  1. Update to entry… got in the mail.


    On December 20, AOL is shutting down Winamp and it will no longer be available to download from winamp.com (please see original post in Techrunch)

    You are currently linking to winamp.com that is soon to shutdown. We would like to ask you for two things: 1. Please help us save the software by signing the online petition at savewinamp.com 2. Please update the download link you have today to winamp.en.botbi.com (where users will be able to download the software even when winamp.com is down).

    We greatly appreciate your help with saving this software and allowing users to keep downloading it and using it.

    Thanks, Lurie

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