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First off, Saddam Hussein has been captured alive in Iraq. He was found in a farmhouse near Tikrit, in a “spider hole” (basically a small cellar). I wonder how long it’ll take before I start to hear conspiracy theorists tell me that he was caught months ago, and that they were waiting to see what Democrat was going to be Bush’s main competition before trotting out a wildcard.

The tree is up, it’s snowing outside and the news is full of reports of a rarely seen man with a beard and a bag full of loot.

Q: What’s the difference between Santa Claus and Saddam Hussein?
A: No one has to check Santa For lice.

Also, Santa never ordered 170 men be tied to posts and shot – body part by body part – after sealing thier mouths shut with glue so that they couldn’t cry out. (via suzette)

Well, I got two calls last night that was a wait to launch at 9am this morning. One was girl that went missing Wednesday night, but was last seen at school on Friday. The parents are giving the Miami police heck about “not doing enough,” even though the parents apparently couldn’t be bothered to know with any useful detail about the girls friends, boyfriend, or favorite hangouts. It’s hard to know where to look for someone if you don’t know very much about them… best we could do is get a description of what she was wearing, and the fact that her house and school are close enough together on the map to make for a little overlap map to seek her out.

Another call last night was looking for a deaf boy in Polk County… another late-nighter. wake-up and look calls at 11pm and again (after the dogs followed the trail north) at 2am over the trail further north. Busy evening… stuff started kicking after 10 pm. I need to remember to try and take a nap midday.. it seems that calls don’t seem to come in until before noon, and after 3pm.

My intuition has been spot on, lately. Gut instinct (or whatever intuition really is) has been very helpful in making decisions in regards to missing kids and dealing with other folks at the org.

Fairly Oddparents Christmas Special was pretty keen, especially the jazzy holiday “Mass Combat” music near the end.

*note to self*- Infinite space restricted to a finite area can be very unstable. Don’t let Newt at the Hypercube.

Chris Kattan as Gollum on SNL was cute, and the pilot for “A hard hobbit to break” sitcom was right on target.

juliabee pointed out Big Fish to me… How’d this sneak past my radar? I wonder if there’s a nearby theater with a pre-January release? Witches and giants are some of my favorite people.

Lists of collective nouns

Feral Children: collects information on socially stunted kids raised by wild animals or extremely cruel parents.

Nicole Kidman & Jude Law as the leads in the Cold Mountain movie? Kind of good looking for the way I envisioned the characters. I wonder if they’ll change the book’s ending in the movie? (I, like most folks, didn’t terribly care for it.)

Hmm… interesting marketing… Sony Pictures is promoting Spider-Man 2 by offering Blogger and Livejournal templates and icons.Site Meter

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