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6378 tobasco eye / Christmas party / sky view/ linkies

Cable guys came by and picked up the digital box yesterday… the 3-month trial is over, and I’m not going to pay $84 a month for HBO and a nifty remote. I’m happy paying less than half of that, and using the remote that came with the TV. I won’t miss HBO at all. As Long as I have Discovery, AMC, History and the Cartoon Network, I’m pretty much set.

I’m really pleased that revising my video drivers (uninstalling the latest ones, then reinstalling took care of the freezing business…. I’m much more fond of it, now that I’ve assigned hot keys to the game pad, and the it doesn’t seize up.) It’s good to have a backup magic user healing you during combat. Sammy is a Rogue, D a Mage, and my Warrior cover the fundamental fantasy RPG basics… Sammy’s a Cat girl, D’s a Human, and I’m the big mook race.

Point of discovery: I now know firsthand that tobasco sauce in the eye stings like a SOB… I thought as much in theory beforehand, but an accident today with a burrito has confirmed my long-standing suspicions.

Flaming Pear‘s freebies are excellent (as are the ones that aren’t so free.) Vitriol and Solidify are especially handy. If you use PSP, GIMP or Photoshop, they’re must-haves.

It’s the way to educate your eyes.
Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop.
Die knowing something.
You are not here long.

– Walker Evans

Florida Sky at Christmastime.

Went to the ACIM Christmas party, got to meet some nice folks, and was entertained quite a bit.

Factoids about last night –

  • Elyahou is a hugger.
  • Rhonda likes to kiss hello/goodbye twice.
  • Newbie’s Father is a Lawyer, can tell a good dirty joke, and doesn’t want to go into politics because he’s too honest.
  • Newbie’s boyfriend is a good match for her.
  • Newbie’s mom is a “cheap date” drink-wise.
  • Newbie takes after her mom, look-wise and drink-wise.
  • Bob directed Porno movies at some point more than six years ago.
  • I really like chocolate chip brownie bars. I think I ate five of them, along with assorted cheese and olives.
  • Big Kahunas’ hubby George, has a sweet tooth, and is a big European history buff. (We talked for a good hour about Spain, Iceland, Germany, and Sweden.)
  • Some people bring kids to parties marked “no kids”, and it ticks off those who paid to get a sitter.

I’ve discovered it’s easier to download cracked serial numbers(warning: if you don’t have blockers in place, you could be inundated with popups and cookies and spam, oh my!) for software I own, rather than to track down the CD-cases with the ID codes on them.

Airline logos: 75 pages of them, from Aerosite.net.

Educator’s Reference Desk great education source directory from creators of ERIC database.

Festival Network Online search for art and music festivals, shows, craft fairs, etc.

Libdex: an international library guide, find info about a library, including branch libraries; also has a directory of library blogs, a Publishers search and a directory of online newspaper lists.

A Sightseeer’s Guide to Engineering .

The National Map Viewer: this is a new mapping service from USGS: I like this pretty well, you can zoom in down to street level but all maps show topography as well as other features and you can customize it in a lot of ways. (The viewer uses pop-up windows for some data entry and to display some results. You must temporarily disable any pop-up blocker that you have installed on your machine for these windows to work. )Site Meter