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Scotto Stamp Thanks latraviata for the spiffy card!!

Monkeys live up in trees! Monkeys have furry knees! Monkeys don’t wear shoes. Monkeys don’t lose….. their wallets, because they don’t have any!

Cool again this morning.. I’d say that “winter” has already lasted longer than memory tells me of last year. Yesterday, I was actually obliged to wear a top with long sleeves after dark.

Tomorrow, I have to do a lot of chores and last minute shopping. (I’m also ogling an upgrade to something comparable to the X09 tower.) I will be getting a lovely Christmas card from D…Her old (yet still far superior to my current) video card. A GeForce4 Ti 4600 to be specific, as she got herself a GeForce 5950 for a holiday treat. Hooray for upgrades! I wonder who I could give my Radeon 7500 to? Maybe Dan would like it as a stocking stuffer for for his poor dinosaur-pooter. I know that it can’t run most games these days, and this way, I could hook him up with Freedom Force and NOLF2 for a good time. I’d like to get back to having direct video inputs on the PC so I can watch TV in a little window as I work, and record VCR stuff to burn DVDs. I think it’d be nice to “diskify” all my random access VCR tape, for better archive survival, and tightness of space. (Plus, I like playing with video editing.)

I won’t be able to get together with the Momster for Christmas, as I’m on call and can’t do a lot of traveling around, and it sounds like Bro’s got plans with a gal he met. (I suspect that he’s just bailing, but you never know.)

I’m in a happy, though quiet mood today. I’m busing myself playing with a little algorithm that walks my vampire through the game, and drinks blood in the most profitable way. I’ve got it to detect if it’s drunk from another player since it was last run, but the auto-movement is a little skewed still. Basically, it will reads a page, looks at the links, and drinks people not drunk before that are in my same “square” so far. I have to add an if-then about humans, who are all named the same way, and fiddle out movement logic to the next most densely-populated (but not full) square, after reading the square to see that there is someone there that is “drinkable”. (Any vampire I haven’t hit since the day prior, and has more than 3 pints of blood in them.) I think it’d be cool to later add a sublist of my “children” and maybe give them a treat as my vampire flies past. 1/3 of my gold on hand, maybe? I’m still thinking of hosting some text-based multi-player game on my toybox page, too, but am not quite sure of what to do, theme-wise, yet.

If you haven’t visited nomi‘s journal, check it out. Great photography and travelogues, plus other nifty goodies regarding an USA-woman living in the UK with her hubby, atlaz.

Charlotte wishes you a Merry Christmas (Vendetta may have something to say later.)

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