#6276 Frankie gone? Newt pic, singing wavs, paypal email virus

So, is Frankie out, at last? Not sure… I think so. If he is, it’s about dang time, sez I. Comfortably cool out right now… light rains, high 60s.

Let them sing it for you – type in lyrics, and it pulls clips from songs to play… sort of a cool way to write an audio ransom note. (I did “I want to eat your heart and eyes for dinner,” “store the money in a plain brown bag,” “Death to those who would dance with no voice” and “Was it a large cat you saw jump through my skin?”)

First New Space Ghost C2C since 2001 premieres on December 7 at 11:30pm (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network.Site Meter

I’ve been getting a lot of these paypal virus emails lately… fortunately, I deal primarily with a web-mail client that catches this hubbub before it becomes a problem.

Also, Newt says hi from the Futon –

watching TV with me

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