#6251 Scottobear is an anagram for Escort Boat. (Or was that Caste Robot? Taco Strobe?)

The Anagram Server. Ah.. makes scrambles so easy. (I recommend using the advanced features, to trim the word list a bit)

Here are some very entertaining LJers on my list. Hover for the real name, and click to read their journal.

Tired Hem
A Jubilee
Less Yam Stew
Eaten Decoy
No Feds Needed
Tiny Air Funk

Hooray for German thumb-biters! Man ‘caught burglar with his teeth’

A German man who caught a burglar in his home bit the intruder’s thumb and wouldn’t let go until police arrived.

Police in Düsseldorf say the 43-year-old returned home in the evening to find his door was locked with a chain from the inside.

He broke into his flat and came face to face with two burglars. One of them managed to escape through an open window, but the other went for the man and punched him in the face.

He reacted by biting into the burglar’s thumb, and kept hold of it between his teeth to stop him from escaping.

The man dragged the burglar up to the first floor and made a neighbor call the police as he couldn’t use the phone with the burglar’s thumb still in his mouth.

Police arrested the intruder, 18, as well as four men who later appeared in the area in a car searching for him.

Both the owner of the flat and the burglar had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

theBot is a flash application that runs around the web looking at your text scrap of choice, returning with extracts from matching sites which it then scrolls across the screen, converting what it finds in text to speech. I fed it “scottobear” and got an interesting result. (you may need to disable your pop up blocker for the initial load)

“When fed a search term by a visitor, theBot performs a search for the word or phrase in a search engine. It then selects one page from the choices returned by the search engine, and reads a piece of text from the page. From there, it crawls to a linked page, and continues reading scraps of text from each page it visits as it crawls from page to page. If theBot cannot link out from a page or gets tired after too long on a given server, it backs up along its path and moves out in a different direction. Easily bored, theBot tries to move between different servers as much as possible and will never visit the same page twice unless fooled into it. As something of a reverse search engine, theBot provides a look (and listen) into the narrative of the web – or at least into the stream of consciousness of a web Bot. “

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