#6242 Danny visits.Metamorphosis Alpha, cheeks hairless again, new icon, Back pic update

Good Ol’ Danny came by, and visited for a bit… first time since he got his wicked sickies. He was kind enough to do my laundry for me a week ago, and was feeling guilty about not dropping it off… no problem here! Not like I was going to use it for a week or two more. He also brought over some yummy sushi!

I’m glad he stopped by.. we got to gab and hang out for a bit. I told him a bit about Metamorphosis Alpha (Well, the sort of revised version I played when I was 12.. we knew we were on a ship, and were long awakened “sleepers” rather than mutants.. some article in an ancient issue of Dragon, no doubt..)

After getting into the gaming mindset, we discussed his rogue (read- thief) that he’s planning on playing on occasion with the Sci-Fi club he sponsors at the school…All of the stats were in place via his GM, so we just bandied back and forth ideas for his background, mannerisms, and motivations. He wants to have some redeeming qualities that’ll make the guy fun to play. The Latin dictionary was handy for his mock-spell casting bluff…a tool I haven’t used for that purpose in years. I’m a little wistful about gaming… with the right group, it’s a great way to socialize and have fun on the cheap. (Flip side, the wrong group can foster the most social person to decide to become a hermit.) I think it’d be fun to play with Danny and a few others in a Metamorphosis Alpha sort of game, at least as a one or three-shot.

Danny is a –


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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After he took off, I set upon the task of finally trimming the beard back to a close goatee again. The crazed caveman look was nice for a while, but it’s good to be back to the general hippie/pirate/whatever guy instead for a bit.

Made a New icon, for Florida-specific stories. (or whatever… heck, I have 50 spaces to fill so why not): Maybe I’ll update the “sticker zones with little lj logos or something.


Get your own plate for whatever state at the ACME License Maker.

Back is pretty much filled in, still pink along the cut-line, but the scab is starting to fall off. I think that the paper “butterfly bandages” are not really needed, but they’re not doing any harm.

Don't pick it!!

Shaved hair growing back, too. funny how much more swiftly my beard grows.

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